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Cloud Computing
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February 2019

February 2019
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  • CRN Carousel Industries Channel Company Elite MSP
    20, 2019 /PRNewswire - PRWeb/ - - Carousel Industries announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has once again named Carousel to its 2019 Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list in the Elite 150 category.
  • Amazon BUILT Court DIDN Defense Department
    WASHINGTON — A federal judge delayed a lawsuit over a massive Pentagon cloud - computing contract Amazon.com Inc. was favored to win so the government could investigate what it said was "new information" on possible conflicts of interest in the...
  • CRN Channel Company LinkedIn MSP Mississippi
    20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - - C Spire Business has been named one of the leading managed information technology service (IT) providers (MSPs) in North America for 2019 by CRN, a brand of The Channel Company and a top technology news and information...
  • DRAM Innodisk RSA Conference addition aerospace defense
    20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - - Making its way back to the RSA Conference 2019 on March 4th, Innodisk is taking data security to the next level with its full memory and storage product lineup.
  • Azure Stack Cloud Services Platform Google Kubernetes VMwares
    Last July, at its Cloud Next conference, Google announced the Cloud Services Platform, its first real foray into bringing its own cloud services into the enterprise data center as a managed service.
  • Amazon Availability Defined FTP Finger
    In the old world of legacy hub - and - spoke corporate networks, applications were hosted in the data center, and users accessed them via the corporate network, and - - always - - within the confines of the perimeter - based firewall.
  • Booz Allen Hamilton China Cognilytica Unintelligent Government Contractor access
    The real issue is that in much the same way the Internet, mobile, and even cybersecurity waves have pushed all technology - oriented government contractors to rethink the way they deliver their services, so too is AI.AI is already forcing a...
  • Channel Company Elite Logicalis MSP Managed Security
    20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - - Logicalis, an international IT solutions and managed services provider, announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named it to its 2019 Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list in the Elite 150 category.
  • CRN Channel Company Emtec LLC MSP
    20, 2019 /PRNewswire - PRWeb/ - - Emtec®, a leading IT consulting firm that enables end - to - end digital transformation, announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named Emtec to its 2019 Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500...
  • Emerging Memories Team Up With AI
    Feb 20,2019 09:51 am by Forbes
    CEA IoT LETI Stanford University accelerator architectures
    This piece will cover a new emerging memory/AI consortium for edge - based machine learning applications as well as announcements from CEA - LETI and Stanford University of a proof of concept chip combining RRAM and processing on a single chip for...
  • The Morning Download: Top Data Tools Leverage Machine Learning - CIO Journal.
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 09:18 am by The Wall Street Journal
    Amazon Facebook Germany LeCun WSJ
    Yann LeCun, Facebook Inc.' s chief AI scientist and a pioneer in machine learning, tells the FT that the company is making its own chips to support its AI efforts.
  • Abraham Adivina Amazon Consciousness Crux
    Maybe my father, and the thousands of people who have bonded over their self - perceived status as targeted individuals, are a kind of indirect warning system experiencing a kind of collective dream—canaries in the digital coal mine.
  • Henry Nginx Ubuntu ability announcement
    "This technology platform is designed for a lot of compute power that you could either put in the data center or stick out at the edge," said Henry. ...
  • Bufferzone Techmatrix advanced threats application business assessment capabilities
    20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - - BUFFERZONE, a provider of next - generation endpoint security solutions which protect organizations from advanced threats such as ransomware, zero - days and phishing scams, announced today it has partnered with Techmatrix...
  • Pentagon Cloud-Computing Contract Sought by Amazon Faces New Hurdle
    5 more articles like this
    Feb 20,2019 07:34 am by The Wall Street Journal
    Amazon Esc Facebook Twitter action fontsize data
    text=A%20federal%20judge%20delayed%20a%20lawsuit%20over%20a%20massive%20Pentagon%20cloud - computing%20contract%20Amazon.com%20was%20favored%20to%20win%20while%20the%20government%20investigates%20%20possible%20conflicts%20of%20interest &url=https:...
  • Gradient Metrics Unveils New Advisory Board
    Feb 20,2019 06:28 am by Business Insider
    Bell Datta Framebridge Gradient Metrics Harry
    20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - - Gradient Metrics, a premier global analytics firm providing leading - edge solutions to well - known brands, political campaigns, start - ups and NGOs, today announced the launch of a new advisory board, which is comprised...
  • SAP to launch hiring program in March: report
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 03:06 am by Reuters
    FRANKFURT German SAP Jason Neely Vera Eckert Walldorf
    The company needs experts in growth areas such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing and the internet of things, Younosi said, adding competitors were also looking for new staff.
  • HUAWEI CLOUD Unveils in Singapore
    Feb 20,2019 02:32 am by Business Insider
    Asia Pacific HUAWEI CLOUD Singapore addition artificial intelligence
    20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - - HUAWEI CLOUD, the cloud - computing services of Huawei, unveiled a new region in Singapore today, expanding the reach of its full - stack cloud platform and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities across the Asia Pacific...
  • PRESS DIGEST - Wall Street Journal - Feb 20
    Feb 20,2019 02:08 am by Reuters
    South America accuracy administration automaker bankruptcy
    - McKinsey &Co on Tuesday agreed to pay $15 million to settle Justice Department allegations that the consulting firm failed to make required disclosures of potential conflicts in three bankruptcy cases it has advised on in recent years.
  • Appeal Board Halliburton Houston Patent Trial Rockwell
    The energy services company Schlumberger is partnering with the Milwaukee firm Rockwell Automation to form a new company in Houston to sell equipment and services to advance digital technology and automation in the oilfield.
  • Corrections & Amplifications - WSJ
    Feb 19,2019 09:06 pm by The Wall Street Journal
    Esc Facebook Twitter action fontsize data aria label
    text=Corrections%20%26%20Amplifications &url=https: //www.wsj.com/articles/corrections - amplifications - 11550627927 &via=WSJ " class= " shareButton shareButton - - twitter " data - sharemenu - action= "clickthrough" data - sharemenu - track=...
  • Defense Oracle Pentagon Ubhi amazon employee
    Oracle is suing to keep the Pentagon from granting the $10 billion JEDI cloud computing contract to Amazon, which is far and away the favorite to win the bid.
  • Civil aviation sector embracing digital era
    Feb 19,2019 07:33 pm by China Daily
    Asia China Daily China Southern Airlines Honeywell Hong Kong
    Passenger numbers were up 10.9 percent year - on - year to 610 million and cargo was up 4.6 percent to 7.385 million metric tons, according to the CAAC.China's civil aviation authorities are pushing forward the integration of the civil aviation...
  • Pentagon Cloud-Computing Contract Sought by Amazon Faces New Hurdle
    2 more articles like this
    Feb 19,2019 07:05 pm by The Wall Street Journal
    Defense Department Esc Facebook Twitter action fontsize data
    text=Pentagon%20lawyers%20filed%20a%20new%20motion%20in%20the%20legal%20battle%20over%20a%20military%20cloud - computing%20contract%20worth%20up%20to%20%2410%20billion%20that%20Amazon.com%20has%20been%20favored%20to%20win &url=https:...
  • American Conference Institute Global Encryption Global Regulatory Developments brochure business intelligence
    19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - - American Conference Institute will host a 2-day comprehensive conference on the most pressing issues affecting Global Encryption, Cloud &Cyber Trade Controls.
  • AWS Amazon Web Services Bloomberg Loudoun Virginia
    Amazon operates a number of data centers there — and Virginia offers tax abatements to the largest data center operators.
  • AWS Bengal MongoDB Redis Labs advantage
    Last year, Redis Labs made ripples in the open - source community when it announced it would adopt the Commons Clause— a controversial new provision in its software license that would prevent Amazon, or any other large cloud provider, from taking...
  • IoT In 2019: What Can We Expect?
    Feb 19,2019 04:42 pm by Forbes
    California GDPR Glory Hallelujah Machine Learning Suffer
    This year, we’ll see a huge influx of data sensors—and more specifically an increasing push for standardization of sensors so that we can actually start enjoying a fully connected and cohesive supply chain.
  • JPMorgan is building a cloud engineering hub in Seattle
    Feb 19,2019 02:49 pm by Business Insider
    Amazon Web Services East Coast Hrycenko Microsoft Seattle
    In choosing Seattle, JPMorgan placed its office within minutes of the world's three largest cloud providers— the bank has existing partnerships with Amazon and Microsoft — and gave itself a clear advantage in working with those companies and...
  • The Future of Wealthtech
    Feb 19,2019 02:27 pm by Forbes
    Artificial Intelligence United States advice management asset classes asset management
    Unlike robo - advisors, robo - retirement involves wealth management services targeting retirement savings accounts, such as 401 (k), 403 (b), and IRA.The goal is to help individuals as well as small and midsize businesses to better manage their...
  • Amazon Court Federal Claims JEDI alleged conflict
    In a sealed motion, lawyers representing the Defense Department asked federal judges to stay a lawsuit that Amazon rival Oracle Corp. filed in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims alleging the procurement process had been unfairly skewed to favor Amazon.
  • The race to responsible artificial intelligence
    Feb 19,2019 01:58 pm by The Hill
    AIs China NSF National Laboratories Representatives
    The National Institute of Standards and Technology will create standards to evaluate the algorithms behind AI - enabled technology, charting the course toward responsible AI.The Department of Energy, with its world - class National Laboratories,...
  • CRN Channel Company Groupware Technology MSP ability
    19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - - Groupware Technology, Inc., a leading IT solutions provider, announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named Groupware to its 2019 Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list in the Elite 150 category.
  • Aktion Associates CRN Channel Company Construction Distribution
    19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - - Aktion Associates, Inc., national software reseller and IT infrastructure provider focused on the Construction, Distribution and Manufacturing industries, announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has...
  • Americas Group adopters advanced companies advanced solutions
    Surveying 1,758 businesses worldwide, the Barometer finds that more than a third (34%) of businesses now use IoT, that 70% of these adopters have moved beyond pilot stage and 95% of adopters are seeing the benefits of investment in this technology...
  • Kickstarter TechCrunch Vincross basic programming skills building
    Vincross, the company behind the six - legged robot Hexa, said on Tuesday that it’s picked up $10 million in a Series A+ funding round led by Lenovo Capital, the startup fund managed by Lenovo Group.
  • AWS Azure Business Processes OEmarker Office
    While we expect the Intelligent Cloud and More Personal Computing segments to register strong growth, the Productivity and Business Processes division is likely to be the company’s fastest - growing segment.
  • Jelani activism advertising border activity campaigner
    Initiative by not - for - profit Fight for the Future offers employees of Silicon Valley firms a way to organize and leak information.
  • Companies Roll Out Gunshot Detectors at the Office
    Feb 19,2019 08:02 am by Toronto Star
    Bancorp Bridgwood Connors Shooter Detection Systems ability
    Some security advisers question whether money spent on gunshot detectors could be better used on more robust active - shooter training, assessments to determine gaps in building security, or physical barriers, such as door locks and ballistic...
  • Alibaba is the force behind hit Chinese Communist Party app: sources
    2 more articles like this
    Feb 19,2019 06:42 am by Reuters
    Alibaba Beijing China Reuters app store
    "Xuexi Qiangguo", which literally translates as ‘Study to make China strong’ and is a play on the government propaganda theme of applying President Xi Jinping’s thoughts, overtook Tik Tok’s Chinese version Douyin and WeChat to become the county’s...
  • Asia Pacific Hong Kong Otis Signature Service United Technologies Corp
    Both Signature Service and Otis ONE are prime examples on how Otis is using the latest technologies to set new benchmarks and service standards for the industry to follow," said Joseph Armas, Managing Director, Otis Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.
  • Facebook's AI Chief Researching New Breed of Semiconductor
    1 more article like this
    Feb 19,2019 04:52 am by Bloomberg
    Google LeCun York University artificial intelligence applications batch
    Yann LeCun said that future chips used for training deep learning algorithms, which underpin most of the recent progress in artificial intelligence, would need to be able to manipulate data without having to break it up into multiple batches.
  • Ericsson Enhances 5G Platform for Smooth Network Evolution
    1 more article like this
    Feb 19,2019 03:41 am by Business Insider
    Cloud Core Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration Head IoT LINK
    Daryl Schoolar, Practice Leader, Service Provider Technology, Ovum, says: " Ericsson's latest product launches further facilitate the vendor's goal of providing its customers with a smooth and efficient transition from 4G to 5G.More importantly,...
  • Self-driving buses undergo testing in Changsha
    1 more article like this
    Feb 19,2019 02:42 am by China Daily
    CRRC Zhuzhou Institute Changsha Intelligent Institute Hunan automatic driving autonomous taxis
    Information can also be transferred to the buses to help them make decisions on their own," said Liu Kai, a technical official at the Hunan Xiangjiang Smart Tech Innovation Center, which runs the testing area in Changsha.
  • IBM Cloud Private IBM Watson Kubernetes Workspace ability
    According to IBM, it simplifies and unifies how customers collect, organize and analyze data to accelerate the value of data science and AI.The multi - cloud platform delivers a broad range of core data microservices, with the option to add more...
  • Basic Laws Belt China Communist Party Constitution
    深入贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想和党的十九大精神,统筹推进"五位一体 " 总体布局和协调推进"四个全面 " 战略布局,全面准确贯彻"一国两制 " 、"港人治港 " 、"澳人治澳 " 、高度自治的方针,严格依照宪法和基本法办事,坚持新发展理念,充分认识和利用"一国两制 "...
  • CNN Business China Ericsson Europe Finland
    Nokia and Ericsson are said to be treading carefully around the controversy surrounding Huawei for fear of prompting a backlash in China, a key market.
  • APAC Tier access control adoption award
    Rising incidents of terror attacks, technological advancements and deployment of wireless technology in security systems, and increasing use of Internet Protocol (IP) - based cameras for video surveillance are expected to drive the overall growth...
  • Digital lending moves to ease financing woes
    Feb 18,2019 07:43 pm by China Daily
    China Taizhou ability addition big data analytics
    Although China is highlighting the importance of giving stronger financial support to micro and small enterprises, financial institutions in general have neglected screening the use of loans carefully.
  • American AI Initiative Entrepreneur Residence academia industry academic education access
    If the government can champion a frontier technology and data - centric approach, the American AI Initiative has the potential to both reduce barriers to entry for AI startups and elevate the entire tech, business, and innovation landscape.