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Internet of Things
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April 2019

April 2019
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  • BJP Congress Guwahati JICA Modi
    The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) - assisted water supply project, to provide water supply to south, central and eastern zones of Guwahati, was scheduled to be completed by 2015.
  • Danuel House Favors Harden Houston Rockets Rudy Gobert
    James Harden had 22 points, 10 assists and six steals to rally the Houston Rockets to a 104-101 victory over the Utah Jazz on Saturday night in Salt Lake City.
  • Show inked finger, grab those perks
    Apr 21,2019 12:23 am by Times of India
    Ahmedabad EVM GNLU Gandhinagar IICT
    Smartify, a company engaged in home automation, has made its employees take an oath to vote and issued direction that those not exercising their franchise will lose that day's salary.
  • ARM AWS Greengrass AWS IoT Core Amazon Arria
    Express Logic ThreadX, Azure Sphere, Windows 10 IoT Core, Azure IoT Device SDK, Azure IoT Edge cover the entire spectrum of microcontrollers and devices.
  • Refused U.S. Visa Eight Times, Zoom CEO Is Now a Billionaire
    1 more article like this
    Apr 20,2019 09:49 pm by Bloomberg
    Alphabet Barolo Bill Gates Bloomberg Billionaires Index California
    Yuan and his family sold stock worth $57 million, based on Zoom’s IPO price of $36 a share.
  • Tech and Science Tips, Reviews, News And More.
    Apr 20,2019 08:10 pm by Gizmodo
    Congress Earths FBI Mueller Report Thrones David Peterson
    Before he was approved to lead the FBI, Christopher Wray met privately with Senator Ron Wyden, easily the sharpest privacy hawk in Congress.
  • Water & migration key to votes | Ahmedabad News
    Apr 20,2019 07:14 pm by Times of India
    BJP Congress Damor Jaswantsinh Bhabhor Katara
    However, it failed to work and Taviad won by 58,000 votes wresting the constituency back from the BJP.Taviad’s victory was short - lived as Jaswantsinh Bhabhor of the BJP defeated her in 2014 with a thumping 2,30,354 votes margin riding on the Modi...
  • ABD HPO Subash Chandran Trichy Corporation airport
    The much - awaited project to convert the remaining sodium vapour street lamps into LED lamps in the city has been taken up by the Trichy Corporation.
  • Tech and Science Tips, Reviews, News And More.
    8 more articles like this
    Apr 20,2019 05:46 pm by Gizmodo
    Congress Earths FBI Mueller Report Thrones David Peterson
    Before he was approved to lead the FBI, Christopher Wray met privately with Senator Ron Wyden, easily the sharpest privacy hawk in Congress.
  • Carter Chief Data Officer Chief Product Officer DocuSign Hirson
    Advice for aspiring female leaders ?.
  • 23 best tech gifts for women in 2019
    Apr 20,2019 10:00 am by Business Insider
    Amazon Bellabeat Leaf Urban Google activity aerogarden harvest
    Bellabeat Bellabeat Leaf Urban and Leaf Chakra, available at Amazon, $100 and up.
  • Gandhi India Pitroda accountability asked
    Pitroda, a long - time Gandhi family adviser, also attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi, alleging that he was "lying to the country day in and day out".
  • BCA Council Masters Stewart TAFE
    Industry groups have raised concerns that school teachers and career counsellors rarely had personal experience of the VET sector and were pushing all capable students towards higher education.
  • The best lawnmowers to buy right now
    Apr 20,2019 08:40 am by The Telegraph
    Automower EGO Power Euro Robot L60 Deluxe Roto
    With one walk - behind (12in/30cm cut) and two self - propelled models (14in/35cm and 17in/43cm cut), you can keep the tradition of bowling green stripes (allett.co.uk; 01889 271503).
  • Android Chrome ExpressVPN Hochstadt Linux
    Set against a backdrop of increasing internet surveillance, data breaches and insecure public Wi - Fi, VPNs are an essential tool: Getty.
  • Tech and Science Tips, Reviews, News And More.
    2 more articles like this
    Apr 19,2019 11:12 pm by Gizmodo
    Amazon Earths German Leica Lion King Thrones David Peterson
    When a promotional video for German camera maker Leica hit the web this week, it looked like a bold statement about the hard work done by photojournalists around the world.
  • Search Results | Wall Street Journal
    Apr 19,2019 08:50 pm by The Wall Street Journal
    Buy Gannett Support acquisition activist demands
    Appeared in the March 20, 2019, print edition as ' Bid for Gannett Picks Up Support.
  • Bengaluru South Modi Sadananda Gowda Tejaswini Tribunal
    Hubballi: Breaking his silence over late Union minister Ananth Kumar’s wife Tejaswini not getting the ticket to contest from Bengaluru South, Dharwad BJP candidate Pralhad Joshi said it was a decision taken by BJP national president Amit Shah and...
  • Enlightened Hospitality Investments Joe Juice Kitchen Fund Sweetgreen TODAY
    Sign up for the Daily newsletter and never miss the best of WIRED.These food platforms incorporate technology as a base ingredient.
  • Can Companies Give Their Workers a New Skill Set?
    Apr 19,2019 06:38 pm by The Wall Street Journal
    Approximate Burning Glass Technologies Detailer Dispatcher Facilities
    For the many others, construction, maintenance and sales jobs offer some alternatives.
  • Tech and Science Tips, Reviews, News And More.
    1 more article like this
    Apr 19,2019 06:30 pm by Gizmodo
    ANNKE Alienware Amazon Americans Apple
    Some of the most endangered birds on the planet spent the summer down under getting busy, and conservation scientists report that a record - long birth season has helped bolster the bird’s numbers.
  • Intel exits 5G phone space after Apple, Qualcomm settle
    Apr 19,2019 04:55 pm by Business Insider
    Intel IoT Briefing PCs Qualcomm access
    Continuing to develop combined hardware - software solutions for IoT customers, especially those that are able to employ AI tools and take advantage of 5G networks, could help Intel to build on and maintain revenue even without moving into the 5G...
  • SoftBank Corp Toyota Uber advanced technologies atg
    The Japanese companies said Friday that Toyota Motor Corp. and Denso Corp. will together invest US$667-million and SoftBank Corp.’s Vision Fund will contribute $333-million in Uber Technologies Inc.’s new entity, Advanced Technologies Group, or...
  • Rockets expect tougher test in Salt Lake City
    Apr 19,2019 04:09 pm by Houston Chronicle
    Elizabeth ConleyStaff Photographer Houston NBA Rockets James Harden Salt Lake City
    Houston Rockets guard James Harden (13) drives against Utah Jazz guard Ricky Rubio (3) during the first half of game 2 of the NBA playoffs at the Toyota Center in Houston, Wednesday, April 17, 2019.
  • Alphabet GitHub Sidewalk Labs Toronto additional details
    The signage in its current format will get a test run at the Sidewalk Labs offices in Toronto, and digital marketing company Soofa has agreed to demo the icons in a number of cities where it operates. data collection, gadgetry, gadgets,, google,...
  • The Best Smart Locks To Keep Your Home Secure
    Apr 19,2019 03:19 pm by Forbes
    Amazon Alexa Apple HomeKit Bluetooth Deadbolt Lock Forbes
    It's compatible with Samsung SmartThings, Wink and Amazon Alexa, all through the Z - Wave system, can lock automatically, be managed from your smartphone, and is easy to install.
  • This awesome Samsung soundbar is on sale for a great price—but it won't last
    1 more article like this
    Apr 19,2019 02:34 pm by USA Today
    Massdrop TVs amazing deal area authentic surround sound
    And here at Reviewed, we don’t want you to settle for closed captions, which is why we were excited to find an amazing deal on Massdrop for a Samsung soundbar that is bound to deliver an immersive audio experience while you binge episodes of your...
  • American West Army Atwater Baja Peninsula California
    Much of the remaining 25 percent was bypassing the San Andreas and roaring up the Eastern Sierra, toward Reno, along the Walker Lane.
  • The wrong crusade for a rights group
    Apr 19,2019 01:49 pm by The Globe and Mail
    Bryant Google Quayside Sidewalk Labs Toronto
    Mr. Bryant, a former attorney - general of Ontario, said that Sidewalk Labs threatens to compromise the privacy and dignity of city dwellers by collecting their data, turning them into "Google’s lab rat.
  • Quandl and the invasive use of data
    Apr 19,2019 01:35 pm by The Globe and Mail
    Abraham Thomas Amazon Encana Corp Mail Nasdaq
    Corporate jet data is one of dozens of data sets that Quandl says puts it in the alternative - data lead, Mr. Kamel says.
  • Berezin Blockchain PrivacySecurity application process auto
    Every startup selected as a TC Top Pick receives a free Startup Alley Exhibition package, invitations to special events at Disrupt SF — like the investor reception — and prime real estate in the Startup Alley exhibition hall.
  • CEO Innovators Share Wisdom
    Apr 19,2019 12:59 pm by Forbes
    Jay Walker MRI Things Tom Gebhardt amazing concept
    During my interview with him he said,"Augmented reality is putting your very best sense to work, which is your vision, to process the increasing deluge of digital information available to us.
  • Alexa Amazon Google Pandora Seattle
    Amazon.com Inc. is hoping an ad - supported music - streaming service will help it sell more speakers and other devices that work with its voice - activated Alexa platform.
  • Alexa Amazon Google Assistant Walmart affiliate
    For a limited time, both the August Smart Lock and August Smart Lock Pro have gotten discounts from major retailers like Amazon and Best Buy.
  • CNN Facebook Mueller Sean Hannity Trump
    "[The Mueller report] should remind people that if an account or tweet pops up into your Twitter feed from an unverified account and you don’t follow it, there MAY be someone creating fake engagement to push that accounts very partisan tweet," the...
  • Need New Workers? Start With the Ones You Already Have
    Apr 19,2019 12:06 pm by Toronto Star
    Amazon Digital Economy Reese Sigelman Walmart
    Still, letting go of people whose skills are becoming obsolete remains a stock response to shifts in business strategy in part because shareholders can more readily understand a plan that calls for simultaneous layoffs and hiring rather than a...
  • Acid Amazon Echo Google Seasoned atlas
    A smart light bulb is a perfect gift to get someone who's been getting more curious about starting their own smart home or just loves the perfect ambiance.
  • Labs Toronto Legal Associate Chelsey Sidewalk Labs access ambitious deployments
    Globally, competition for contracts to deploy sensors, data management, and predictive technologies in cities can run into the tens of millions, if not billions of dollars, and Sidewalk Labs knows this better than most.
  • Alexa Amazon Google Assistant Walmart advertising team
    For a limited time, both the August Smart Lock and August Smart Lock Pro have gotten discounts from major retailers like Amazon and Best Buy.
  • The best smart doorbell camera
    Apr 19,2019 11:01 am by Engadget
    ADT Amazon Alexa Echo Show Google IFTTT
    When triggered by motion or a ring of the button, a smart doorbell camera will notify you (via audible chime and smartphone notifications) and stream live audio and video to your phone or tablet, letting you hear and see your visitors.
  • Google Twitter advent answer appeared quora
    originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.
  • Work in the Year 2030 - CIO Journal.
    Apr 19,2019 10:49 am by The Wall Street Journal
    Citigroup academic institutions accelerated technological change access addition
    Skilled Flows: Steady technological change, fast learning evolution; high talent mobility.
  • Android Chrome ExpressVPN Hochstadt Linux
    Set against a backdrop of increasing internet surveillance, data breaches and insecure public Wi - Fi, VPNs are an essential tool: Getty.
  • Google Paris Sidewalk Labs aim backlash
    Milton Keynes ' other smart city initiatives include a trial of delivery robots that take small grocery orders to customers along the town's pavements.
  • Overcoming The Trust Deficit In The Age Of AI
    Apr 19,2019 09:33 am by Forbes
    Cameras Computer Vision ability adrenaline spike animals
    For instance, saying,"There is an intruder on your property" carries a very different connotation than "There is a person is on your property.
  • Blockchain’s Billion Dollar Babies
    Apr 19,2019 09:23 am by Forbes
    Amsterdam BNP Paribas Cargill Citi Comcast
    Broadridge is an investor, alongside banks such as BNP and Citi, in Digital Asset Holdings, which played a key role in the development of private blockchain ledgers.
  • Brahmawar Germany Microsoft North America addressable market
    In an April 9 interview, Brahmawar argued that the company's new strategy resulting from a McKinsey study - - dubbed Helix - - would enable Software AG to generate profitable, sustainable growth over the next five years.
  • Capitol Hill IRS air assurance audit
    Compliance is a challenge for any organization, but it's especially important for large multilocation businesses that face a plethora of compliance challenges — environmental, financial and security - related — all complicated by disparate...
  • Toyota, SoftBank fund, Denso invest $1 billion in Uber
    3 more articles like this
    Apr 19,2019 08:05 am by CTV News
    Executive Vice SoftBank Corp Uber automated autonomous vehicles
    The Japanese companies said Friday that Toyota Motor Corp. and Denso Corp. will together invest $667 million and SoftBank Corp.' s Vision Fund will contribute $333 million in Uber Technologies Inc.' s new entity, Advanced Technologies Group, or...
  • Nest ability access control ameesh divatia antivirus software
    I expect we’ll see cybersecurity and encryption grow to include the ability to proactively auto - detect and protect sensitive data and auto - detect any sensitive data leakage—for example, with the latest big data and AI technologies.