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Internet of Things
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  • CNCF Jason Bloomberg OpenStack agility answer
    At KubeCon, however, numerous vendors were offering solutions that mitigated such hand - coding, and enterprise attendees were ready to buy.
  • L'Oréal Brazil Accelerates Digital Transformation With New Leadership
    1 more article like this
    Dec 13,2018 09:57 pm by Forbes
    Brazil CDO Hair Oral Tinder
    " There are many ways to structure digital transformation, and I have seen some common mistakes happening, such as the creation of small initiatives or independent [innovation] units within the company," Iorio pointed out, adding that such internal...
  • Alexa Echo Link Fire TV Recast Pandora amazon music
    If you need to have an amplifier integrated into the box, you'll want to wait for the appropriately - named Echo Link Amp that's coming out next year.
  • BlackHat RSA SIEM additional management control approach
    A lack of basic process orchestration when managing multiple tool sets is the operational gap that ultimately led to the rise of MDR.Next - generation tools can perform these detection and response functions in an automated fashion, which is the...
  • AEI CEI CPAC Kovacevich Pichai
    At the company - wide meeting, Kovacevich acknowledged that many Google employees were unhappy that the company had sponsored CPAC.Some were particularly irked because Google executives had pledged in 2012 not to sponsor the conference again, after...
  • China Chint Group Great Wall Hangzhou Jack
    The company, which accounts for about three quarters of the nation’s online retail sales, has by now a semi - official role - - displayed through their use of technology to manage Hangzhou’s city traffic and other functions.
  • Andreessen Horowitz DCOS Hewlett Packard Enterprise Khosla Ventures Kubernetes
    That's good for Mesosphere, Leibert says, because there's no easier way for customers to get started using open source software than to install and manage it via DC/OS." You need to be able to put all of these technologies together," says Leibert.
  • Blockchain Technology in Banking & Finance
    Dec 13,2018 04:01 pm by Business Insider
    BII Blockchain Technology access added bonus aid
    And finally, multiple global banks — including UBS, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley — have published research on blockchain technology through in - house efforts; however, this research is mostly limited to explaining technical details and...
  • AWS Ground Station Earths IBM Cloud IoT Lockheed Martin Verge
    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is enabling satellites to join the internet of Things (IoT) by lowering the cost of receiving space - based sensor data directly into its public cloud.
  • Dyn GitHub Prolexic ThousandEyes ability
    But as internet service and infrastructure providers have seen memcached DDoS attacks ramp up over the last week or so, they ' ve moved swiftly to implement defenses to block traffic coming from memcached servers.
  • John Flannery ServiceMax Things Tusa annual software revenue
    Moreover, Tusa called for GE to take a bold step to repair its debt - riddled balance sheet: raise $25 billion by selling stock.
  • Artificial Intelligence Bain Capgemini DBS Asian Insights Deloitte
    Source: DBS Asian Insights, Internet of Things The Pillar of Artificial Intelligence, June 28, 2018 (PDF, 64 pp., no opt - in).
  • Forrester SAP adoption amazing ideas app leaders
    In 2019, cloud computing will firmly establish itself as the foundation of tomorrow’s enterprise application platforms.
  • Big Data DVRs Doomsday Scenario Founder Industrial IoT
    "AI will provide algorithms for analysing the data collected by IoT devices, identifying certain patterns, while blockchain will serve as a necessary layer for validating the data and guaranteeing its secure storage.
  • Hasbro IoTSF Mattel Moor OnePlus
    I asked David Rogers, the author of the report, an IoTSF executive board member and CEO at security consultancy Copper Horse, if he sees any commonality between the low number of companies that apparently enable straightforward vulnerability...
  • SoftBank considers ditching Huawei gear from its networks
    1 more article like this
    Dec 13,2018 08:28 am by CNN
    CNN Meng SoftBank american market bar
    The SoftBank spokesman was responding to a report from Japanese newspaper Nikkei, which said the company had already decided to replace Huawei equipment in its 4G network infrastructure with hardware from Sweden's Ericsson (ERIC) and Finland's...
  • Grace Intel Law Netflix awkward teen
    Intel's developed the first 3D - chip architecture that allows logic chips - - things like the CPU and graphics - - to be stacked together.
  • Bitcoin Civic Vinny Lingham Forbes Fortune Ireland
    It is an important step not only for Civic and Johnson Controls but also for the advancement of blockchain with Civic CEO Vinny Lingham weighing in on the partnership.
  • The best plug-in smart outlet
    Dec 13,2018 04:31 am by Engadget
    AlexaGoogle Amazon Alexa Android Apple HomeKit Aukey
    In addition to integrating with fellow Wemo devices, such as the Wemo Insight outlet and Wemo in - wall light switches, the Mini is the most reliable Wi - Fi plug we tested that works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Nest, and...
  • Actions Andreessen Horowitz Applets Business Energy Department
    Octopus Energy, a UK renewable energy company backed by £7 billion ($8.8 billion) fund Octopus Capital, is set to announce an integration with If This Then That (IFTTT) to enable customers to automatically adjust energy usage based on changes in...
  • Meng Wanzhou Arrest - Bloomberg
    Dec 13,2018 02:11 am by Bloomberg
    Ascend China HiSilicon Huawei Mengs
    The surprise arrest of Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Huawei Technologies Co., has thrust the company into a political firestorm and deepened a core threat: that more and more countries will blacklist its switches, routers and phones out...
  • Mobile phones to be banned from NSW primary schools
    Dec 13,2018 12:15 am by SMH.com.au
    Bower Maurie Mulheron Minister Rob Stokes ability banning
    Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Education Minister Rob Stokes talk to students at Concord Public School.
  • smart, ambient lights bring the room together
    Dec 13,2018 12:03 am by SMH.com.au
    Apple account adaptable lighting system additional power plugs adhesive
    Even without connecting it to your home network, you can turn the light on and off, change brightness and select from a range of colourful scenes by tapping buttons on the control square.
  • China Germany HiSilicon Huawei Qiu
    Qiu said the company's products were compliant with Europe's General Data Protection Regulation, meaning that its clients, not Huawei, own and store data used in the applications.
  • A Green New Deal Isn’t Ready for Prime Time
    3 more articles like this
    Dec 12,2018 09:42 pm by Bloomberg
    China Cortez additional measures advance american moral leadership
    Incoming freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio - Cortez has been building support for her idea of a plan to tackle the monumental challenge of climate change while also bettering the economic situation of poor Americans.
  • Internet-enabled driving era dawns
    Dec 12,2018 09:19 pm by China Daily
    Alibaba Cloud Audi China Autonomic Wuxi autonomous driving
    Some auto companies, such as Audi, Ford and Changan, are racing into the intelligent connected vehicles sector, in a bid to address the challenges involved in technical routes, data sharing and commercialization, and to speed up the development of...
  • Vendors at Periyar stand told to vacate | Madurai News
    Dec 12,2018 09:15 pm by Times of India
    Justice Madurai Periyar Rajaram association
    Instead, the same can be done in two phases, as shops at one bus stand maybe shifted to other bus stand until one phase gets over," the petitioner stated, and noted that the eviction would affect the right to life of the members of the association.
  • Alphabet Apple Electronic Arts Facebook FactSet
    Apple Inc. had an annual average earnings growth of 28.10% over the past 10 years.
  • Meng Wanzhou Arrest - Bloomberg
    3 more articles like this
    Dec 12,2018 08:57 pm by Bloomberg
    Ascend China HiSilicon Huawei Shenzhen
    Huawei must tread carefully in Europe, where it has cloud partnerships with several carrier clients including Germany’s Deutsche Telekom AG.In the months before the CFO’s arrest, U.S. officials have reportedly asked counterparts in Germany and...
  • Ahmedabad Dholera FSI Greenfield Kalidas Kala Mandir
    The Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Corporation (MNSCDC) Ltd held a meeting at the Kalidas Kala Mandir with farmers from Makhmalabad and Nashik areas, where the Greenfield development is proposed under town planning scheme.
  • Era Capital North America Pitango Venture Capital Sir Ronald Cohen Steven Scheer
    Existing investors, including Verizon Ventures, Pitango Venture Capital, New Era Capital and Sir Ronald Cohen, also participated in the round.
  • Alexa Assisted Commerce Automated Reminders Clickstop Configuration
    Known variously as smart, digital or voice assistants, technologies like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant are advancing rapidly.
  • 120 AI Predictions For 2019
    Dec 12,2018 07:05 pm by Forbes
    AVs Artificial Intelligence Finance Founder Kureishy
    In 2019, AI will be the linchpin of digital health’s application to the prevention and treatment of disease, specifically chronic illnesses, connecting the dots between the small data that can optimize an individual’s personal care and the big data...
  • How can technology improve supply chain management?
    Dec 12,2018 06:49 pm by The Telegraph
    Bakkavor Gandhi John McNiff Telegraph application software
    David Merricks, head of supply chain performance at Bakkavor, the food manufacturer, warned it may be some time before all companies embrace digital technologies in the supply chain, with grocery shopping in store, for instance, supported by...
  • Lowe’s adds $10 billion to stock buyback program
    Dec 12,2018 06:49 pm by Toronto Star
    Cos Denton analysts estimates business growth buyback increase
    Lowe’s Cos. plans to increase its share buyback program by $10 (U.S.) billion, as the home - improvement retailer looks to turn investor sentiment and prove to Wall Street its business and growth plans are on solid footing.
  • Gujarat Sama Sayajigunj VMC area
    Vadodara: Within next two years, most areas of the city will be connected with Wi - Fi.Management of a private firm, which has joined hands with Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) for connecting the city digitally, said on Wednesday that nearly...
  • AMC Atal Mission Cabinet Jal Nigam Smart City
    According to the plan, 251-km of sewer line network will be developed in the west zone of the city which includes 22 municipal wards out of total 100 in the city.
  • AWS Ground Station Earths IBM Cloud IoT Lockheed Martin Verge
    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is enabling satellites to join the internet of Things (IoT) by lowering the cost of receiving space - based sensor data directly into its public cloud.
  • Allegations China Citizens Commerce Department Eric Trump
    Separate complaints by the Campaign Legal Center and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington filed to government agencies in mid - August claim that Ross helped formulate the administration’s steel tariffs and promote liquid natural...
  • Alexander Torshin FBI Maria Butina NRA National Rifle Association
    When she was arrested in July, Ms Butina, 30, denied conspiring to act on the orders of a Russian official to build relations with two Americans and try to infiltrate US political groups including a "gun rights" organisation, assumed to be the...
  • Beyond 10nm: Intel's New Tech Strategy
    Dec 12,2018 04:05 pm by Forbes
    API FPGAs Foveros Moores Law Nervana
    Intel’s senior vice president of Core and Visual Computing, Raja Koduri, presented the new development model that significantly expands Intel’s current strategy, in my opinion, for the better.
  • IoT 101: The Essential Guide to the Internet of Things
    Dec 12,2018 03:55 pm by Business Insider
    Business Insider Essential Guide IoT added bonus biggest challenges
    A new report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, called IoT 101: The Essential Guide to the Internet of Things, outlines the basics of the IoT and what this next wave of technology means to the everyday...
  • How AI Can Make Christmas Shopping A Dream
    Dec 12,2018 03:18 pm by Forbes
    Dieter Haydock IoT Long Short accuracy
    The development of IoT applications to track footfall, create heat maps and regulate the store environment will also allow retailers to gather data on their customers in - store and online, and in turn create a more comfortable retail environment...
  • Nvidia's Shield TV gains Amazon Music streaming
    1 more article like this
    Dec 12,2018 03:09 pm by Engadget
    Alexa Christmas Pandora access amazon music app
    Amazon Music's arrival gives Shield users access to more music than any other streaming media device, according to NVIDIA.It also comes just weeks after it was announced for Android TV.Of course, that means Amazon Music subscribers will have...
  • Acast Amazon Edge Internet Microsoft
    The reason is that the underlying browser engine (EdgeHTML), introduced in 2015 with a redesign to replace Internet Explorer and compete with Chrome and others, has had a hard time keeping up with Chromium—so the company realizes it is finally time...
  • access advanced masticating juicer advertising team affiliate affordable price
    Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet with Alexa Hands - Free 32GB, $99.99 (Originally $149.99) [You save $50].
  • Blockchain Affairs Founder Head Kenetic Capital Managing
    Trust is the currency for the financial services industry, and fintech and financial service businesses that cannot afford in - house security solutions will need to partner with companies focused on end - to - end data encryption to ensure the...
  • The best tech gifts under $50
    Dec 12,2018 12:07 pm by Engadget
    Christmas Engadget Joystiq TUAW Oath affiliate commission
    Today, Engadget hosts the archives and expertise of early digital publishing players like Joystiq, TUAW and gdgt, and produces the Internet's most compelling videos, reviews, features and breaking news about the people, products and ideas shaping...
  • FBI Homeland Securitys PSA White Ops action
    Today one of the chief architects of the FBI - led takedown force, White Ops, is trying to help further public education on how fraudsters are able to manipulate the digital ecosystem through malware, which spreads to consumers’ devices and is then...
  • BELAGAVI Bengaluru Eshwarappa Khader Mangaluru
    BELAGAVI (KARNATAKA): Karnataka Minister for Urban Development and Housing U T Khader on Wednesday said Rs 91.34 crore has so far been spent on seven cities in the state that have been selected under the Smart City project.