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Virtual Reality
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February 2019

February 2019
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  • What’s Next for Smartphones? Here Are a Few Answers
    2 more articles like this
    Feb 20,2019 02:47 pm by The New York Times
    Samsung addition advantage analyst anonymity
    What’s more, the Galaxy S10 5G will have a fourth camera for depth - sensing, which will enable richer augmented - reality applications that use data to digitally manipulate the physical world when people look through the smartphone lens.
  • Apples AirPods Barcelona China Counterpoint Research David Paul MorrisBloomberg
    At simultaneous launch events in San Francisco and London on Wednesday, the South Korean technology giant introduced four new phones - - the Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, and S10 5G.The S10 and S10+ are direct successors to last year’s S9 and S9+, while...
  • Galaxy S10: Samsung launches new line of smartphones
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 02:44 pm by CNN
    Fold Stanton ability additional special variant aggressive launch dates
    Its next - generation flagship device comes in four options: the 5.8-inch S10e ($749); the 6.1-inch Galaxy S10 ($899); the 6.4-inch S10+ ($999); and the 6.4-inch S10 5G (pricing has yet to be announced).
  • I tried the entire lineup of Samsung's new Galaxy S10 phones. Here's what they're like in person
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 02:44 pm by Business Insider
    Android BoasBusiness Insider Galaxy Buds NPU antonio villas
    And now for the fourth model of the Galaxy S10: the Galaxy S10 5G.Antonio Villas - Boas/Business Insider.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ hands-on
    Feb 20,2019 02:38 pm by Engadget
    Huawei RAM Samsung additional lens additional rgb depth
    Samsung's 2019 Galaxy series is an unsurprising mix of high - quality processors and cameras with a sumptuous screen.
  • Bargaining Power Key Players Learning Industry Learning Market Market Breakup
    Key Topics Covered: 1 Preface 2 Scope and Methodology 2.1 Objectives of the Study 2.2 Stakeholders 2.3 Data Sources 2.4 Market Estimation 2.5 Forecasting Methodology 3 Executive Summary 4 Introduction 4.1 Overview 4.2 Properties 4.3 Key Industry...
  • Walmart Xpress boardroom box capture
    U.S. Xpress which employs around 8,000 truck drivers, relied on guidance from its top truckers to relaunch the training program, along with new forms of training technologies.
  • LG explains how the G8 ThinQ's tiny gesture sensor works
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 12:21 pm by Engadget
    Barcelona Flight Innotek MWC accurate results
    That info seems to jibe with LG's " Goodbye, Touch " promo for the G8 ThinQ, set to be unveiled on February 24th at MWC 2019 in Barcelona. ...
  • Fast Company Named USA TODAY NETWORK annual list augmented reality app
    Today, Fast Company released its annual list of the world's Most Innovative Companies, and Gannett was recognized as number four in the category of VR/AR.This recognition follows a strong year of innovative storytelling for USA TODAY NETWORK.USA...
  • Belgard Design Studio Raboine access authentic extension
    Outdoor living continues to grow in 2019 as homeowners dream of adding spaces that provide tranquility, connection and touches of nature.
  • Business Insider Chattanooga Georgia Seth AlleyU Tennessee
    U.S. Xpress which employs around 8,000 truck drivers, relied on guidance from its top truckers to relaunch the training program, along with new forms of training technologies.
  • Apple App Store Fortnite Fridriksson Gameface Hyperspeed
    Teatime Games plans on not only developing and launching more social focused games on its platform after the Hyperspeed launch, but also will eventually allow other game studios to build games on the platform with the hopes of ushering a new era of...
  • Baggili Bigscreen Education Group Ibrahim Unity
    20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - - A team of researchers at the University of New Haven discovered that Bigscreen, a well - known and popular virtual reality (VR) application, and Unity, the game development platform BigScreen is built on, are vulnerable to...
  • Apple Arizona Republic City EPPY Fast Company
    Gannett, parent company of the USA TODAY Network, has been recognized by Fast Company as one of the "World’s Most Innovative Companies " for its work in virtual and augmented reality.
  • AFRL AFWERX ARVR Enduvo ability
    20, 2019 /PRNewswire - PRWeb/ - - Enduvo, the leading immersive content authoring and delivery platform for training healthcare, mechanical, and technical industries, today announced it has been selected for the first phase of the highly...
  • Abraham Adivina Amazon Consciousness Crux
    Maybe my father, and the thousands of people who have bonded over their self - perceived status as targeted individuals, are a kind of indirect warning system experiencing a kind of collective dream—canaries in the digital coal mine.
  • Advanced Technologies EBITDA SmartDesk Vicon Industries ability
    (Nasdaq: CETX, CETXP, CETXW), a leading global technology company, today announced its first quarter consolidated results of operations for the three months ended December 31, 2018.
  • Germany′s 16 states: Bavaria
    Feb 20,2019 08:04 am by ACTUALITÉS | DW.COM
    Bavarian Forest Church Germany Hills Tournament Munich
    Wild animals, traditional craftsmanship and fun on everything from skis to sledges – the Bavarian Forest in winter is still an insider's tip.
  • Finnish startup Varjo rolls out $5,995 VR headset
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 07:26 am by Reuters
    Atomico Ben Wood CCS Insight EQT Ventures Facebooks Oculus
    HELSINKI/LONDON (Reuters) - Atomico - backed Finnish startup Varjo on Tuesday launched its top - of - the - range virtual reality headset, aiming to take VR technology to the aerospace and automotive sectors.
  • Why millennials are writing relationship contracts
    Feb 20,2019 07:26 am by Toronto Star
    Blackwell Kates Shulman Larson Len Catron Meyer
    The second contract, between Harriet Mary Cody and Harvey Joseph Sadis, published in Ms. in 1972, mirrored the structure of many of the modern - day relationship contracts, with separate sections for "Names,""Relationships with...
  • Oracle discovered DrainerBot mobile fraud operation
    Feb 20,2019 07:16 am by Business Insider
    Oracle Tapcore White Ops app developers app video
    Once an app developers integrates Tapcore's code technology, it reaches out to an ad server to download additional code, which runs the domain spoofing continuously.
  • China Will Likely Corner the 5G Market—and the US Has No Plan
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 07:07 am by WIRED
    Belt China Huawei Road Initiative Russia
    And so Huawei, and perhaps a couple of other Chinese companies, will control which data - rich services (think logistics, telemedicine, education, virtual reality, telepresence) are allowed to reach China's global market over 5G.This means China,...
  • Android Apple Macs Samsung Note SurveyMonkey
    Indeed, 76 percent of iPhone owners and 77 percent of Android users listed longer battery life as something that will get them excited about buying a new phone.
  • Compagnia Bresciana Investimenti Fortune London VRtuoso adoption
    Symvan Capital Limited led the funding round with Compagnia Bresciana Investimenti S.p.a.
  • Decentraland Ethereum Genesis City MANA art gallery
    But according to financial journalist Camila Russo, Decentraland's investors have lofty ideals of what it will become once Genesis City develops into a full - fledged virtual metropolis.
  • Chicago Child Letoya Luckett NFL Orthopedic Surgery Tinley Park
    Then: The Hall of Famer is best known as a defensive tackle with the Vikings but he finished his football career with the Bears over the late ' 70s and early ' 80s.
  • Entrepreneurial ecosystem to build new businesses on high-tech
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 02:50 am by China Daily
    Americans China Google Internet Expo Robinson
    Another key factor going forward for China's tech sector is the "Shenzhen effect" - manufacturing clusters with deep networks, experience, expertise and easy supplier availability not available anywhere else will allow Chinese companies to...
  • CLC Chicago Grayslake Ocean Prairie Crossing
    Participants in the One Earth Film Festival in Lake County can experience a virtual reality movie in which they feel as if they are underwater with some of the 600 types of colorful coral and 1,700 species of fish in Indonesia.
  • LG Innotek Begins Mass Production of "ToF Module" for Smart Phones
    1 more article like this
    Feb 19,2019 08:55 pm by Business Insider
    PCs USD addition artificial reality attention
    LG Innotek envisions that, along with the smart phone camera module business, it will grow the business of producing 3D sensing modules like the ToF module to be the next generation leading business and take the top spot in the global market.
  • Search Results | Wall Street Journal
    Feb 19,2019 08:32 pm by The Wall Street Journal
    Video WSJ Virtual Reality amplifications edition appeared complete instructions
    Appeared in the February 18, 2019, print edition.
  • Search Results | Wall Street Journal
    1 more article like this
    Feb 19,2019 08:09 pm by The Wall Street Journal
    Dam Disaster Jeffrey Lewis Live Aid Richard Branson brazilian police
    The government of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, who faces growing pressure to step down, plans to organize a rival musical performance on the Colombian border this week in response to a Live Aid - style concert staged by Richard Branson.
  • ModiFace Rowe Sensation Shade Selector ToolCourtesy ability
    Garnier teamed up with ModiFace, an augmented reality beauty company, to combine consumer research with top 3D technology, to develop the Shade Selector Tool.
  • Hillcrest Labs and LG Renew License for Smart TV Technology
    Feb 19,2019 07:13 pm by Business Insider
    Freespace MotionEngine IDCC NASDAQ Smart TVs ability
    (NASDAQ: IDCC), a mobile technology research and development company, today announced that LG Electronics has extended its license to use Hillcrest Labs’ Freespace® MotionEngine™ software in its Smart TVs for an additional three years.
  • Die Fall Sequel combat style company
    "We’re blending various styles of sword fighting to create an intense, real - time combat expe­ri­ence that hasn’t been seen before with VR," said Jesse Schell, CEO of Schell Games.
  • Realty News | Markets Insider
    1 more article like this
    Feb 19,2019 06:04 pm by Business Insider
    ABM Industries Named AMZN ATZ Acquire RoseRock Healthcare Acquisition
    Business Insider 10h.10 things you need to know before the opening bell (SPY, SPX, QQQ, DIA, HSBC, HMC).
  • Editors Choice Pictures | Reuters.com
    1 more article like this
    Feb 19,2019 06:03 pm by Reuters
    Afghanistan Baghouz Bangkok Barcelona Belarusian Interior Ministry
    REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez.
  • NVIDIA Unity adoption aerospace amazing visual acuity
    Helsinki - based Varjo just released the Varjo VR - 1, a revolutionary VR headset with a 4K - quality human - eye - resolution micro - LED display, plus a wider display around that high - quality one so you see a broad field of view.
  • IoT In 2019: What Can We Expect?
    Feb 19,2019 04:42 pm by Forbes
    California GDPR Glory Hallelujah Machine Learning Suffer
    This year, we’ll see a huge influx of data sensors—and more specifically an increasing push for standardization of sensors so that we can actually start enjoying a fully connected and cohesive supply chain.
    Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from what is expressed or forecasted in such forward - looking statements include, but are not limited to:. the results of the Company's and its outside legal counsel's review of the...
  • Inditex Launches Netflix-Partner Youth Brand Pull & Bear in U.S.
    1 more article like this
    Feb 19,2019 03:57 pm by Bloomberg
    Massimo Dutti Netflix Spain Things Zara
    Inditex SA, the Spanish owner of the Zara clothing brand, will start operating its youth - focused Pull &Bear brand in the U.S. on Wednesday, as the retailer plows ahead with plans to sell in every country worldwide by next year.
  • Finnish startup Varjo rolls out $5,995 VR headset
    2 more articles like this
    Feb 19,2019 03:41 pm by Reuters
    Atomico Ben Wood CCS Insight EQT Ventures Facebooks Oculus
    HELSINKI/LONDON (Reuters) - Atomico - backed Finnish startup Varjo on Tuesday launched its top - of - the - range virtual reality headset, aiming to take VR technology to the aerospace and automotive sectors.
  • Amazon Angela Ahrendts Bloomberg Brien CNBC
    Apple CEO Tim Cook has long been vocal about the potential of augmented reality, saying he believes the technology will make the smartphone "even more essential than it currently is" when speaking with CNBC.But the company's current augmented...
  • Angela Ahrendts Bloomberg Brien CNBC LinkedIn
    Earlier this month, Apple announced that 30-year company veteran Deirdre O ' Brien would succeed Angela Ahrendts as the company's retail chief.
  • Virtual makeovers are better than ever. Beauty companies are trying to cash in
    1 more article like this
    Feb 19,2019 03:21 pm by CNN
    Aarabi ModiFace Oral Lubomira Rochet Perfect Corp Prama Bhatt
    For the companies making and using this technology, trying on makeup via AR makes perfect sense since the idea of trying before you buy is so entrenched in the makeup shopping experience.
  • BBVA Foundation Frontiers CSIC California Institute Caltech Carnegie Mellon University
    19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - - The BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in the Information and Communication Technologies category has gone in this eleventh edition to American computer engineer Ivan Sutherland, for " pioneering the move from...
  • Four Takeaways From Walmart's Q4 Earnings
    Feb 19,2019 03:12 pm by Forbes
    Amazon McMillon Walmart acquisition action
    Expanded grocery pickup and delivery, on top of a broader assortment, played a key part in the 43% jump in Walmart’s U.S. e - commerce sales, the company said, adding that it’s gained grocery market share.
  • Business Insider Facebook Google ability achievement
    Giving machines "common sense" to learn about the world through data will be a big area of research in artificial intelligence over the next decade, says Facebook's chief AI scientist Yann LeCun.
  • Academy Awards Adds Alison Meyer Amazon Music Apple Music
    The NHL, in association with Disney Streaming Services, is delivering a new weekly highlights show on Snapchat recapping the top 10 plays of the previous week and will produce Curated Our Stories on the platform for select games and marquee events...
  • Adds Alison Meyer Amazon Music Apple Music Canadas
    Whistle has hired Alison Meyer, previously with female - focused Refinery29, to head up brand - marketing solutions for the male - centric digital media player.
  • InfoComm 2019 to Explore Pro AV in Hospitality and Retail; Registration Opens
    1 more article like this
    Feb 19,2019 12:59 pm by Business Insider
    AVIXA CAGR InfoComm Integrated Systems Russia Orlando
    19, 2019 /CNW/ - - InfoComm 2019, the largest pro - AV show in North America, will explore the fast - growing markets for audiovisual solutions in hospitality and retail, June 8-14 in Orlando, FL.The show will host more than 30 education sessions...