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  • Flying Cars Could Be a $3 Trillion Market in 20 Years
    3 more articles like this
    Dec 13,2018 09:20 pm by Bloomberg
    Corp Google Morgan Stanley Northrop Sebastian Thrun
    Lockheed Martin Corp. is investing in electric and autonomous VTOLs or vertical takeoff and landing vehicles, the Morgan Stanley analysts noted.
  • Alphabet EASA FAA Images Lugano
    Just last month, a "rogue" drone closed Wellington Airport in New Zealand, while a UK drone user was charged with endangering lives by flying too close to a police helicopter.
  • Transportation & Logistics Forecast Book 2018
    Dec 13,2018 03:51 pm by Business Insider
    Amazon Prime Business Insider Insider Intelligence Transportation Forecast Book Uber
    The Transportation &Logistics Forecast Book 2018 from Business Insider Intelligence is a detailed two - part slide deck outlining the most important trends impacting the transportation ecosystem around the world — and the key drivers propelling...
  • Every division under Google's parent company, Alphabet
    Dec 13,2018 02:43 pm by Business Insider
    ATAP Alphabet Android CapitalG Cloud
    All of Alphabet's "traditional" products — like Chrome, the new Pixel phone, Google Home, and Google Play — are still housed under Google, which is run by CEO Sundar Pichai.
  • Postmates' Quest to Build the Delivery Robot of the Future
    2 more articles like this
    Dec 13,2018 12:12 pm by WIRED
    GPS Kashani Lehmann Los Angeles Postmates
    Here they were, trying to build a rover that would bring people joy, pick up their iced tea, deliver their late - night burritos, pipe tunes throughout the sidewalk—but what did that matter if people still associated it with doom, or wanted to kick...
  • Artificial Intelligence Bain Capgemini DBS Asian Insights Deloitte
    Source: DBS Asian Insights, Internet of Things The Pillar of Artificial Intelligence, June 28, 2018 (PDF, 64 pp., no opt - in).
  • AGRs Createc Cumbria ROVs Sellafield
    Media captionDecontaminating Thorp: a job only robots can do Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant - Thorp - first conceived in the 1970s.
  • BEGIN VIDEO CLIP Bill Clinton CROSSTALK China Chuck Schumer
    WILLIAMS: It seems to me that when he - - not only says it's going to be a Trump shutdown, but then admits Democrats want border security and have voted for border security, which is what he did, again he undoes his talking points, Jesse.
  • NVIDIA's $1,100 AI brain for robots goes on sale
    Dec 12,2018 11:12 pm by Engadget
    NVDLA NVIDIA arm chip autonomous robots compact space
    Although it's far from certain that this module will make NVIDIA a staple of the robotics scene, it at least signals that the company is serious about sticking around. ai, artificialintelligence, cpu, deeplearning,, jetson, jetsonagxxavier,...
  • Santa Claus vs. Amazon — a modern Christmas story
    Dec 12,2018 09:50 pm by Chicago Tribune
    Christmas Doc North Pole Virginia amazon headquarters
    As Santa got up to leave, the psychiatrist, honored to be Santa’s doctor, said,"No charge, Santa.
  • He Helped Build an Artists’ Utopia. Now He Faces Trial for 36 Deaths There.
    2 more articles like this
    Dec 12,2018 09:15 pm by The New York Times
    Almena Avenue Burning Man Calif Facebook
    Almena was the master tenant of a big unheated industrial warehouse, but the space he offered Harris was two doors down in the same building, a storage space subleased from Custom O’s auto body shop.
  • Beverage Services Forbes Contributors Seattle accounting addition
    A technology revolution is embedding itself in the food and beverage industry, from smart shelf technology to facial recognition to cashierless stores to drone deliveries.
  • C-Level Leaders Offer Predictions For 2019
    Dec 12,2018 07:19 pm by Forbes
    CMO GDPR Instagram Juniper Networks Marcellin
    In today’s digital environment, attribution continues to be a challenge — businesses are still piecing together data points from different platforms and many are still struggling to understand the full path to purchase — which marketing channels...
  • 120 AI Predictions For 2019
    Dec 12,2018 07:05 pm by Forbes
    AVs Artificial Intelligence Finance Founder Kureishy
    In 2019, AI will be the linchpin of digital health’s application to the prevention and treatment of disease, specifically chronic illnesses, connecting the dots between the small data that can optimize an individual’s personal care and the big data...
  • Alliance Airport Amazon Air Boeing Dallas Fort Worth
    A month after revealing where it’s hotly sought after "HQ2" would be built, Amazon.com and officials in Fort Worth disclosed that work already is underway on the company’s first purpose - built regional air hub at Fort Worth Alliance Airport.
  • The Spirit of Hong Kong’s Kowloon Walled City
    Dec 12,2018 12:35 pm by The Wall Street Journal
    Esc Facebook Hong Kong Kowloon Twitter Whampoa Garden
    text=The%20Spirit%20of%20Hong%20Kong%E2%80%99s%20Kowloon%20Walled%20City &url=https: //www.wsj.com/articles/the - spirit - of - hong - kongs - kowloon - walled - city - 11544543670 &via=WSJ " class= " shareButton shareButton - - twitter " data -...
  • NYPD police officers will start using drones
    Dec 12,2018 10:35 am by Engadget
    DJI M210 RTK Warrantless advice article collection
    The Unmanned Aircraft System will NOT be used for: Routine patrol Traffic enforcement Immobilizing vehicles/ suspects Warrantless surveillance As a weapon pic.twitter.com/13fb4J9C7L. ...
  • CASIC China Aerospace Science altitude charge command control
    The multi - use drone, the HW - 350, was developed by HIWING General Aviation Equipment Co Ltd based on the demands of building an emergency communication test system and long distance aerial emergency drone system.
  • Khashoggis Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates United States Yemeni
    Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Iran - backed Lebanese Hezbollah terrorists have provided training and support that have greatly increased the lethality and combat effectiveness of Houthi rebels, and enhanced their ability to...
  • EVs Lyft Tesla Uber York City
    In New York City, women pay $36 to $50 extra per month just to get around, mainly due to safety concerns.
  • He Helped Build an Artists’ Utopia. Now He Faces Trial for 36 Deaths There.
    1 more article like this
    Dec 12,2018 06:25 am by The New York Times
    Almena Avenue Burning Man Calif Facebook
    Almena was the master tenant of a big unheated industrial warehouse, but the space he offered Harris was two doors down in the same building, a storage space subleased from Custom O’s auto body shop.
  • AMC Aviation Bonus Program Beja Air Base Class Luke Kitterman Eglin Air
    Mobility pilots are declining aviation retention bonuses in alarming numbers, despite the the Air Force's attempt to keep them in uniform with an infusion of cash.
  • Born Cinema Flying Bird James Kaelans Ryan Reynolds
    The festival’s closing night film,"This Teacher," is directed by Slamdance alumni Mark Jackson ("Without") and was awarded the Grand Jury Prize at the Los Angeles Film Festival in September.
  • Medical drones: Ghana to follow Rwanda’s example | Africa | DW
    Dec 11,2018 05:33 pm by ACTUALITÉS | DW.COM
    Ghanaian Marfo Rwanda Zipline actual delivery service
    That the Ghanaian case is different is of course true, Marfo from Zipline told DW." Ghana is much bigger than Rwanda, so Zipline has to think of how it scales quickly, how it thinks of deploying its service more quickly and efficiently," he said.
  • Commandant Adm Insitu Office Schultz aid
    All Coast Guard National Security Cutters should have ScanEagle drones aboard and available for launch to boost high seas surveillance and aid in drug interdictions and arrests, according to Commandant Adm.
  • China Congressional Deptula Gen ISR
    As for new F - 15 weapons integration, Air Force weapons engineers are planning to add the AIM - 9X air - to - air missile and emerging Small Diameter Bomb II, she added.
  • 120 AI Predictions For 2019
    Dec 11,2018 12:42 pm by Forbes
    AVs Artificial Intelligence Finance Founder Kureishy
    In 2019, AI will be the linchpin of digital health’s application to the prevention and treatment of disease, specifically chronic illnesses, connecting the dots between the small data that can optimize an individual’s personal care and the big data...
  • BBC News Bude Clayton Cornish Sport Cornwall
    Cornwall Council said staff had already inspected the cliff path " to make sure there is no immediate danger to walkers " and the South West Coast Path running through an open field in the area was still open to the public.
  • CAS Marine Corps abuse air intelligence air support
    Brent Kreckman asks," Simply put, if the Marines take CAS [close air support] seriously, why can't HQMC take our CAS platforms seriously ?...
  • AWS Amazon Alexa Engine Amazon Web Services Apple Domingos
    So as more people used Alexa, Amazon got information that not only made that system perform better but supercharged its own machine - learning tools and platforms—and made the company a hotter destination for machine - learning scientists.
  • A Gift Guide for Billionaires
    1 more article like this
    Dec 10,2018 06:26 pm by Bloomberg
    Beaufort Bespoke Real Estate Carmen Coolmore Explorations
    Photo Illustration: Jaci Kessler Lubliner; Ring: Sotheby’s; Slot Machine: M.S. Rau Antiques; Steak and Background: Getty Images.
  • We got a tour in Tesla's Gigafactory. It's big, loud and secretive
    1 more article like this
    Dec 10,2018 05:02 pm by USA Today
    Fremont Model Powerpack Reno Sparks
    They include battery cell manufacturing, battery pack assembly and drive unit production, key components that are shipped to Fremont, Calif., where Tesla builds the Model 3 and other vehicles. ...
  • Antarctica Business Insider Chinese Academy DNA Denisovans
    Scientists and engineers inside mission control at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory celebrate the landing of the InSight Mars probe on November 26, 2018.
  • Amazon Prime Amazon Walmart Christmas Getty IoT
    Many of these technologies play a role in an important trend for last - mile delivery: the rise of autonomously navigated drones and robots.
  • New York Police Say They Will Deploy 14 Drones
    Dec 10,2018 11:37 am by The New York Times
    Chief Dunn Richards York Police Department abiding citizens
    But lawyers specializing in civil liberty cases who reviewed the department’s proposed drone policy said it did not go far enough in preventing the police from misusing the devices.
  • 120 AI Predictions For 2019
    4 more articles like this
    Dec 10,2018 11:25 am by Forbes
    AVs AppsFlyer Artificial Intelligence Finance Founder
    In 2019, AI will be the linchpin of digital health’s application to the prevention and treatment of disease, specifically chronic illnesses, connecting the dots between the small data that can optimize an individual’s personal care and the big data...
  • Google in China: Does It Need Dragonfly?
    3 more articles like this
    Dec 10,2018 11:10 am by Bloomberg
    China Techcrunch acceptable surveillance appendix approach
    A Google spokesman told me that the company has no special screening mechanism for hiring Chinese nationals — such as whether their relatives are senior members of the Communist Party or whether they were schooled at universities entwined with the...
  • A Pakistani coup in black robes
    Dec 10,2018 09:37 am by The Hill
    America Chief Justice Chaudry Dems General Prime Minister
    Most recently, Chief Justice Chaudry, contrary to the Constitution of Pakistan, usurped the right of appointment of vacancies in the court from the elected Prime Minister and President of the country and functionally seized an executive branch power.
  • The People Who Defined Global Business in 2018
    Dec 10,2018 09:24 am by Bloomberg
    Amazon Fed Gelband Gelman Google
    Tina Tchen, partner, Buckley Sandler LLP • Roberta Kaplan, partner, Kaplan Hecker &Fink LLP • Hilary Rosen, partner, SKDKnickerbocker LLC • Fatima Goss Graves, president and CEO, National Women’s Law Center ●.
  • Opinion | The ‘Next America’
    1 more article like this
    Dec 10,2018 09:03 am by The New York Times
    America Facebook Financial Times Instagram Medicare
    With the two telecom giants Verizon and AT &T now beginning to deploy 5G technology across the country, the metabolism of business, entertainment, education and health care will dramatically accelerate in the Next America, beginning around … 2020.
  • DoD Googles ISIS Project Maven YouTube
    I’m familiar with this process because my company is working on video virtualization capabilities like the ones discussed, while Google’s publicized TensorFlow AI systems are already being used by the DoD’s aforementioned Project Maven to search,...
  • Johnson Moose Cree Moose Factory Nation Toronto
    A company called Drone Delivery Canada has signed a commercial deal to deliver parcels between Moose Factory and Moosonee.
  • the best buys for travellers
    Dec 10,2018 04:30 am by The Telegraph
    Harris Lost Borders McCurry Photographer Pictures
    Some 5.9 million people a year visit the Grand Canyon, but fewer than a dozen have walked it from end to end, a journey - without - trails of some 750 miles.
  • The Week in Arts: Chris Thile, J.K. Simmons, Handel’s ‘Messiah’
    1 more article like this
    Dec 10,2018 04:16 am by The New York Times
    Chris Thile Companion Howards Manhattan Prairie
    With onstage cameras rolling, the governess (Lucia Roderique) recounts the eerie episode in "Strange Window: The Turn of the Screw," a new multimedia adaptation by the Obie Award - winning experimental company the Builders Association.
  • Opinion | End the Innovation Obsession
    Dec 10,2018 04:08 am by The New York Times
    Africa Penguin Steve Jobs York actual capabilities
    Even though these places are based on a model that harks back to the roots of human commerce, they are innovative precisely because they propose a valuable community alternative solution to the supermarket or shopping mall that dominates retail.
  • Gift shopping? No problem — just fill in the blanks
    Dec 10,2018 04:05 am by Los Angeles Times
    Amulet Arts District Banh Oui Bay Area Brown
    (Calvin B. Alagot / Los Angeles Times) Cleansing beauty bar.
  • Alphabet Australia Finland Waymo Wing
    Google's parent company, Alphabet, will test its drone delivery service in Finland next year, it has announced.
  • The 'internet of things' nears as spectrum sale raises $853m
    1 more article like this
    Dec 09,2018 11:24 pm by SMH.com.au
    GHz MHz Melbourne NBN Optus
    By imposing " caps’’ on bidding of 60 MHz in the metropolitan areas and 80 MHz in regional areas – in effect shutting Optus and NBN Co out of the auctions for spectrum in Sydney and Melbourne – Fifield ensured Telstra and the Vodafone/TPG...
  • Indo UAVs added air base air chief
    Chandigarh: Had the 1965 Indo - Pak war continued for some more days, as the then IAF chief, Air Marshal Arjan Singh, thought, India would have completely destroyed Pakistani Air Force as they were not able to sustain their tactical operations.
  • RAF Lossiemouth ability advanced weapon airborne threat airspace
    The MoD has confirmed that in response to an incident last Wednesday, RAF Typhoon jets equipped with the new Meteor missile launched in defence of UK airspace.