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February 2019

February 2019
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  • Britain managing Huawei risks, has no evidence of spying: official
    5 more articles like this
    Feb 20,2019 02:36 pm by Reuters
    Britain China Christopher Bing David Evans David Goodman
    Ciaran Martin, head of Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), said Britain had yet to decide on its security policy for national 5G networks, but that Huawei equipment was subject to detailed oversight and strict government controls over...
  • ISA Energy International Society WEF WWID Wastewater Industries Division
    " We're pleased to again welcome ISA, a technical association that works to advance the use of automation and technology in the water and wastewater treatment industry, as a supporting organization of the LIFT Intelligent Water Systems Challenge,"...
  • Microsoft says discovers hacking targeting democratic institutions in Europe
    5 more articles like this
    Feb 20,2019 02:30 pm by Reuters
    APT AccountGuard BSI Belgium Berlin
    Microsoft said it will offer its cyber security service AccountGuard to 12 new markets in Europe including Germany, France and Spain to help customers secure their accounts.
  • Tech giants called to testify in Ottawa in international probe of fake news
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 02:29 pm by National Post
    Commons Cyber Security disinformation earlier meetings facebook vice
    OTTAWA — An international committee of legislators wants executives from some of the world’s largest digital and social - media firms to testify on disinformation and "fake news" when it meets in Ottawa this May.
  • EU must assess Huawei risk despite lack of evidence: EU digital chief
    2 more articles like this
    Feb 20,2019 02:21 pm by Reuters
    Beijing China Duesseldorf European Commission Vice Huawei
    BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union must assess the risk of using Huawei’s telecoms equipment despite the absence of evidence of spying by the Chinese company, EU digital chief Andrus Ansip said on Wednesday.
  • DW News Africa - Wednesday, February 20 | DW News - latest news and breaking stories | DW
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 02:21 pm by ACTUALITÉS | DW.COM
    Foreign Affairs Kenyas Cabinet Secretary Somali Shabaab attack hunt
    DW News Africa speaks to Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs.
  • Small Groups and Individuals Are More Innovative Than Large Teams
    3 more articles like this
    Feb 20,2019 01:45 pm by Bloomberg
    Higgs Nature Newtons Wang advantage
    The problem, as Wellerstein saw it, was that these new calls for a new Manhattan Project were aimed at answering scientific questions while the original Manhattan Project was aimed at applying a new scientific idea, nuclear fission, to bombs.
  • Online ATM-style Scam Puts Shoppers at Risk: Symantec
    Feb 20,2019 01:45 pm by feedproxy.google.com
    PIN Symantec alternative methods annual report attack
    On the internet, hackers inject malicious code into retailers ' websites to steal customers ' payment details when they conclude a transaction, Symantec said in its annual report on cyber security.
  • Could Huawei threaten the Five Eyes alliance?
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 01:40 pm by BBC
    Brexit Eyes Zealand arrest assurance
    The US is campaigning hard among allies to exclude the Chinese telecoms giant Huawei from delivering 5G." We have serious concerns over Huawei's obligations to the Chinese government and the danger that poses to the integrity of telecommunications...
  • Bits Hakimian SDLC Synopsys Trail
    So while a bug bounty program doesn’t, or shouldn’t, replace an SSI, it can serve as a crowd - sourced element of it – pen testing – generally done by hired hackers at the end of the SDLC."Bug bounties are fine – everyone should have them," said...
  • Beijing China Filipino Huawei Malaya
    The debate comes at a time when the U.S. is pushing Western countries to stop using Huawei equipment, saying the company and its staff could be compelled by Beijing to spy for China.
  • As US Pushes to Ban Huawei, UK Considers Softer Approach
    Feb 20,2019 01:30 pm by feedproxy.google.com
    China Huawei Martin agency backdoor access
    Since 2010, the British government has operated a cybersecurity evaluation center for Huawei equipment, which Martin said was part of " the toughest and most rigorous oversight regime in the world " for the company.
  • Citrin Cooperman Celebrates 40th Anniversary
    Feb 20,2019 01:26 pm by Business Insider
    Citrin Cooperman United States advisory consulting advisory firm advisory service areas
    After initially offering core tax and audit services, as well as services for the music entertainment industry, Citrin Cooperman has evolved into a full - service accounting, tax, and business advisory firm, having built out several specialty...
  • CRN Channel Company LinkedIn MSP Mississippi
    20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - - C Spire Business has been named one of the leading managed information technology service (IT) providers (MSPs) in North America for 2019 by CRN, a brand of The Channel Company and a top technology news and information...
  • Huawei Italian Italy Milan TIM
    ROME (Reuters) - The United States’ ambassador to Italy, Lewis Eisenberg, met Telecom Italia (TIM) ’s CEO Luigi Gubitosi on Wednesday, the U.S. embassy said.
  • Britain Europe Huawei Martin NCSC
    Ciaran Martin, head of Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), said Britain had yet to decide on its security policy for national 5G networks, but that Huawei equipment was subject to detailed oversight and strict government controls over...
  • Cyber Startup Gladius to Repay Investors Who Bought Crypto Token
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 12:52 pm by The Wall Street Journal
    Esc Facebook Twitter action fontsize data additional financial penalty
    text=Cyber%20startup%20Gladius%20to%20repay%20investors%20who%20bought%20crypto%20token%20as%20it%20settles%20SEC%20case%20over%20%2412.7%20million%20fundraising &url=https: //www.wsj.com/articles/cyber - startup - gladius - to - repay - investors...
  • CrowdStrike Fancy Bear Forbes Contributors OODA Loop Sofacy
    The difference between the four state - sponsored groups and criminal hackers is night and day. eCrime actors average nearly 10 hours before breaking out after a successful breach.
  • Ukraine's president wants UN options for peace force in east
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 12:43 pm by Fox News
    Poroshenko Security Council Ukraine clear objective conflict
    Petro Poroshenko told the General Assembly Wednesday that Ukraine is ready to discuss a multinational peacekeeping operation with " a clear objective to end the Russian aggression and restore Ukraine's sovereignty.
  • Steve Cohen's venture firm invests in U.S. cybersecurity company
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 12:42 pm by Reuters
    Armorblox GlobaLogix Reuters SkyBridge Alternatives Conference Steven Cohen
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Billionaire investor Steve Cohen’s Point72 Ventures has invested in a U.S. cybersecurity firm that will provide a way to detect, alert, and protect against data - and identity - related attacks, according to one of the venture...
  • OneLogin Announces Partnership with GS Lab
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 12:14 pm by Business Insider
    OneLogin ability availability blog boarding intervention
    GS Lab's experience with Legacy IAM solutions and their deep knowledge of OneLogin's Unified Access Management solution make them a perfect partner to help enterprises make this complex transition to the new world of Access Management.
  • 'No decision' has been made on Huawei: British cyber security chief
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 12:11 pm by SMH.com.au
    Australia Britain Huawei NCSC bank fraud
    Martin said the biggest threat to Britain's cyber security was weak cyber security, citing 1200 cyber security incidences since the NCSC's creation within GCHQ in 2016.
  • Amazon Availability Defined FTP Finger
    In the old world of legacy hub - and - spoke corporate networks, applications were hosted in the data center, and users accessed them via the corporate network, and - - always - - within the confines of the perimeter - based firewall.
  • Booz Allen Hamilton China Cognilytica Unintelligent Government Contractor access
    The real issue is that in much the same way the Internet, mobile, and even cybersecurity waves have pushed all technology - oriented government contractors to rethink the way they deliver their services, so too is AI.AI is already forcing a...
  • Putin threatens to target U.S. with nuclear weapons
    2 more articles like this
    Feb 20,2019 11:56 am by Los Angeles Times
    INF Kremlin Poland Putin Romania
    Russia is not looking for confrontation and remains open to arms control talks with Washington, but Moscow will respond to any threats to its security, Putin said Wednesday at his annual state of the nation address to both houses of parliament and...
  • Coveware Forbes McAfee Russia Russian
    A report from cybersecurity companies McAfee and Coveware released on Wednesday revealed the Ryuk attackers had extorted more than ten times the average malware ransom making it the "costliest" exploit of its nature.
  • Appointments | TheHill
    Feb 20,2019 11:36 am by The Hill
    Department Justice David Palmer Sudan agency aide
    •TREASURY: President Bush plans to nominate Michele Davis to be assistant secretary for public affairs, a position she previously held before stints at Fannie Mae and the National Security Council. ...
  • Accounts Alignment Delivering European Union Eurozone
    Factors that could cause actual business, strategy, plans and/or results (including but not limited to the payment of dividends) to differ materially from forward looking statements made by the Group or on its behalf include, but are not limited...
  • LTE IoT Market Worth $2800 Million by 2023 - Exclusive Report by MarketsandMarkets™
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 10:46 am by Business Insider
    APAC Australia LTE IoT Market USD application
    20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - - According to a new market research report " LTE IoT Market by Technology (NB - IoT and LTE - M), Service (Professional Services and Managed Services), Industry (Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities, Transportation and...
  • Baggili Bigscreen Education Group Ibrahim Unity
    20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - - A team of researchers at the University of New Haven discovered that Bigscreen, a well - known and popular virtual reality (VR) application, and Unity, the game development platform BigScreen is built on, are vulnerable to...
  • BRG Professionals Ranked Among Leading Experts for Data
    Feb 20,2019 10:44 am by Business Insider
    BRG Director Michael Jelen Experts LLC Legal Data
    20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - - Experts from global strategic advisory and expert consulting firm BRG were recognized among top data expert witnesses in Who's Who Legal (WWL) Data 2019: Expert Analysis list.
  • Armorblox GlobaLogix NLU Proofpoint artificial intelligence
    Sampath explained that Armorblox is using natural language processing (NLP) to bring a new signal to the cybersecurity stack: natural language understanding (NLU).
  • Britain managing Huawei risks, has no evidence of spying: official
    3 more articles like this
    Feb 20,2019 10:40 am by Reuters
    Britain Duesseldorf Editing Huawei Jack Stubbs
    Asked whether Washington had presented Britain with any evidence to support allegations that Huawei has aided Chinese state spying, NCSC head Ciaran Martin said it was for the U.S. government to comment on what information it has about the company. ...
  • Britain yet to decide on 5G security policy: official
    3 more articles like this
    Feb 20,2019 10:40 am by Reuters
    Britain Brussels Huawei Jack Stubbs NCSC
    BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Britain has not yet made any decision on its security policy for national 5G networks, the head of Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre said on Wednesday, amid a furor over the alleged risks of using Huawei telecoms...
  • Democrat Sam Kardashian Sanders advantageous scenario america
    When anything involving a Kardashian happens, we should all be angry, because whatever the insipid Kardashian development is, it will find a way to creep into our news feeds and take up space in our minds, which are already preoccupied worrying...
  • Cyber Command Hill Illinois Mondelez NotPetya
    We don’t expect companies to defend themselves against nation - state attacks; we don’t expect corporate guards to carry shoulder - launched rockets to defend against an air attack from a hostile nation.
  • Kaspersky Lab Launches New Threat Intelligence Tool
    Feb 20,2019 10:30 am by feedproxy.google.com
    Compromise IBM QRadar Kaspersky CyberTrace Kaspersky Lab access threat
    Kaspersky Lab this week announced Kaspersky CyberTrace, a free threat intelligence fusion and analysis tool to make it easier for security teams to access threat intelligence.
  • Communication Plc Ethio Telecom Manufacturing Plc Network Solutions Plc Symbol Technologies Plc
    The Ethiopian government is the main growth driver of the country's emerging information and communication technology (ITC) industry and it is placing great emphasis on using ICT to reach the goals of its growth and transformation plan.
  • Asia Beersheba Editing Israeli or European JVP
    Several of the companies are U.S. - Israeli or European - Israeli, JVP founder and Executive Chairman Erel Margalit said. ...
  • Delhi Editing Modi Nick Macfie arabia crown
    Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman walks back after inspecting an honour guard during his ceremonial reception at the forecourt of Rashtrapati Bhavan presidential palace in New Delhi, India, February 20, 2019.
  • Cyber and Physical Convergence Opens Doors for Attackers: Report
    Feb 20,2019 09:45 am by feedproxy.google.com
    CVE Emotet Fortinet Microsoft Trickbot
    The next three top detected exploits relate to Avtech cameras (used in building the Hide ' n ' Seek botnet), Linksys routers (used to spread the Moon malware), and D - Link routers (a command injection vulnerability used in building Mirai - variant...
  • ASGN Bureau Department ECS FBI
    Operating through its Apex, Oxford and ECS segments, ASGN helps leading corporate enterprises and government organizations develop, implement and operate critical IT and business solutions through its integrated offering of professional staffing...
  • Hardware Root Radix Tortuga Logic advanced pre basis
    Tortuga Logic's innovative hardware security verification platform, Radix - S™, enables design teams to identify and prevent system - wide exploits arising around a Hardware Root of Trust that are otherwise undetectable using current methods of...
  • Venminder Hires Gordon Rudd as Third Party Risk Officer
    Feb 20,2019 09:32 am by Business Insider
    CISO Mentoring Project Gordon Venminder area bank
    20, 2019 /PRNewswire - PRWeb/ - - Venminder, a vendor risk management software and services firm, today announced that industry expert, Gordon Rudd, has joined the firm as Third Party Risk Officer.
  • ICS Seema accessible data technology agnostic technologies artificial intelligence
    Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are key to keeping critical infrastructure such as electric grids, nuclear facilities, oil &gas refineries, wastewater treatment plants, manufacturing operations, and more running and safe.
  • The Morning Download: Top Data Tools Leverage Machine Learning - CIO Journal.
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 09:11 am by The Wall Street Journal
    Amazon Facebook Germany Gfrerer LeCun
    Yann LeCun, Facebook Inc.' s chief AI scientist and a pioneer in machine learning, tells the FT that the company is making its own chips to support its AI efforts.
  • Password Managers Have A Security Flaw -- Here's How To Avoid It
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 09:08 am by Forbes
    Businesses Dashlane Getty ISE KeePass
    Emmanuel Schalit, CEO, Dashlane - one of the affected password managers - points out that the ISE findings cover "a very standard theoretical scenario in the world of security ".
  • UK cybersecurity chief: oversight of Huawei is working
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 09:06 am by Washington Times
    Europe LONDON biggest maker chinese company cybersecurity agency
    LONDON (AP) - The head of Britain’s cybersecurity agency says government oversight of Huawei has proven it can flag up security problems, suggesting he doesn’t think the Chinese company needs to be banned from supplying mobile networks.
  • CISSP Education ISC United States Navy approach
    Timothy Campo, CISSP, CISM, director of applications, architecture and security, previously served as senior manager of security for (ISC) 2.
  • Microsoft says Russian hackers targeted European think tanks
    4 more articles like this
    Feb 20,2019 09:01 am by The Hill
    APT Fancy Bear Foreign Relations Microsoft blog post
    "The attacks we’ve seen recently, coupled with others we discussed last year, suggest an ongoing effort to target democratic organizations," Tom Burt, the company’s vice president for customer security and trust, wrote in the blog post. ...