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April 2019

April 2019
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  • GCHQ NCSC Twitter advice british internet users
    Yet millions of people have saved fraudsters the bother of deploying trickery and temptation by picking bizarrely simple passwords that feature on a new hotlist of online security howlers.
  • Edge Internet Explorer Kolsek Microsoft Windows
    " No other leading web browsers and email clients we ' ve tested are using the undocumented security flag on the downloaded files, which effectively blocks the exploit " according to Kolsek, who seems sure that Microsoft will revisit the issue and...
  • Fred Vogelstein Mark Zuckerbergs Facebook Reid Stark addictive services
    The article, by a Microsoft researcher, Luke Stark, argues that facial - recognition technology – one of the current obsessions of the tech industry – is potentially so toxic for the health of human society that it should be treated like plutonium...
  • Forbes Contributors NCSC Superman browser burden
    The NCSC itself offers a lot of helpful advice on its site, including avoiding credential reuse and choosing strong passwords comprised of three or more random but memorable words.
  • British cyber expert pleads guilty to creating malware
    Apr 20,2019 10:37 pm by Boston Globe
    California Hutchins Kronos WannaCry Wisconsin
    Federal prosecutors in Wisconsin and Marcus Hutchins’s attorneys said in a joint court filing Friday that the 24-year - old agreed to plead guilty to developing malware called Kronos and conspiring to distribute it from 2012 to 2015.
  • Amazon Broad Institute Burks Cambridge Crispr
    Furey’s work builds on decades of research and seems to confirm widely held suspicions in the field about the relationship between pure math and physics.
  • NCSC Premier League Troy Hunt analysis breached accounts
    For its first cyber - survey, the NCSC analysed public databases of breached accounts to see which words, phrases and strings people used.
  • Bloomberg NCSC accounts agency gchq band
    Spy agency GCHQ has warned the public to stop using common passwords for their online accounts because they are being shared on the internet by hackers.
  • Intelligence Agency action anonymous sources arm article
    The Central Intelligence Agency has accused Chinese tech giant Huawei of accepting funding from the "People’s Liberation Army, China’s National Security Commission and a third branch of the Chinese state intelligence network," the Times of London...
  • England Hutchins Kronos Wisconsin banking
    " As you may be aware, I ' ve pleaded guilty to two charges related to writing malware in the years prior to my career in security," Hutchins said in a statement on his website.
  • Hutchins Symantec United States WannaCry airport
    "As you may be aware, I’ve pleaded guilty to two charges related to writing malware in the years prior to my career in security," said Hutchins, known online as MalwareTech, in a statement on his website Friday. ...
  • Hill Postal Service ability advantage approach
    However, buying behaviors remain the biggest barrier to strong security: Nation states buy cyber security very differently to the private sector.
  • British cyber expert pleads guilty to creating malware
    6 more articles like this
    Apr 20,2019 02:43 pm by Boston Globe
    California Hutchins Kronos WannaCry Wisconsin
    Federal prosecutors in Wisconsin and Marcus Hutchins’s attorneys said in a joint court filing Friday that the 24-year - old agreed to plead guilty to developing malware called Kronos and conspiring to distribute it from 2012 to 2015.
  • 'Hello amazingness': Leaked romance scammers' scripts
    1 more article like this
    Apr 20,2019 10:25 am by SMH.com.au
    Bumble Nigerian answer asked australian competition
    Barbara El - gamal was targeted on Words with Friends by a scammer who used many lines that appeared to have come from the Nigerian romance scammers playbook.
  • Dongguan Guangdong Huawei Reuters Tyrone Siu Shenzhen
    Reuters/Tyrone Siu.
  • Business Insider CNBC Dongguan Guangdong Horn
    Huawei's 2018 sales were up almost 20% from 2017, company growth that shows why Huawei might need room for more employees on a new campus. caption Huawei's Cyber Security Lab at its factory campus in China's Guangdong province. source...
  • BCA Council Masters Stewart TAFE
    Industry groups have raised concerns that school teachers and career counsellors rarely had personal experience of the VET sector and were pushing all capable students towards higher education.
  • Facebook Fails, Russian Hacks, and More Security News This Week
    3 more articles like this
    Apr 20,2019 08:31 am by WIRED
    Email Contact Lists Facebook GRU Instagram Kaspersky
    Mueller Report says Russia Hacked a Florida County's Network.
  • Aurora offers free internet security course to residents
    1 more article like this
    Apr 20,2019 08:24 am by Chicago Tribune
    Avoiding Email Keeping Michael Pegues Protecting Children
    Using examples, the interactive videos show the dangers of the internet and what families need to do to stay safe, according to officials.
  • Wipro cyber attackers may have hit Infosys, Cognizant
    Apr 20,2019 07:59 am by Times of India
    Cognizant Infosys Security KrebsOnSecurity abnormal activity advanced phishing campaign
    BENGALURU: Security blog KrebsOnSecurity, which on Tuesday reported a phishing attack on Wipro, has said in a new post that the attackers may have also targeted Infosys and Cognizant, among other competitors.
  • Facebook's Privacy Seems To Be Traveling Away
    Apr 20,2019 07:39 am by Forbes
    Cambridge Analytica Cyber Security Traveling Friends abundance abuse case
    To be completely transparent, I also had to enable location services and to be able to see all " Traveling Friends," I had to give the app permission to always collect location information.
  • Data Breaches Won't Derail Singapore's Tech Push: Minister
    3 more articles like this
    Apr 20,2019 07:34 am by Bloomberg
    Balakrishnan Singapore Smart Nation ability broad approaches
    The government’s response to these cybersecurity attacks and human leaks has to be one where it’s completely open, along with corrective measures it would take, Balakrishnan said in an interview in San Francisco, where he’s attending Singapore -...
  • ABC News Booker California Castro Delaney
    Tax filings aside, Sanders’ Fox News town hall on Monday broke ratings records for the 2020 cycle so far.
  • ANSSI DINSIC Matrix Ministry Tchap
    The French government has been developing an instant messaging app called Tchap in order to secure government employee conversations.
  • Armenia Cisco FireEye Middle East NetNod
    A disturbing element of the Sea Turtle hackers ' approach—and DNS hijacking in general—is that the point of initial compromise occurs at internet infrastructure groups, entirely outside the real target's network.
  • Anthem Healthcare SecurityScorecard Sergii Bratus accounting firm agreement
    As it turns out, the breach was the result of a vulnerability in the network of one of Anthem’s third - party vendors.
  • Cyber expert credited with stopping 'WannaCry' attack admits malware charges
    2 more articles like this
    Apr 20,2019 04:01 am by Reuters
    Bengaluru Hutchins Kanishka Singh defendant eastern district wisconsin
    (Reuters) - A British cyber security researcher hailed as a hero for neutralizing the global "WannaCry" ransomware attack in 2017 has pleaded guilty to U.S. charges of writing malware.
  • Def Forbes Contributors Hutchins Kronos MalwareTech
    In a short public statement posted online at his MalwareTech site, Hutchins says that " I ' ve pleaded guilty to two charges related to writing malware in the years prior to my career in security.
  • Britain China Eyes Huawei Times
    But the newspaper also reports a separate U.S. course as saying that there is a view within the U.S. intelligence community that " the Chinese ministry of state security — its principal security and espionage organization — had approved government...
  • Android Chrome ExpressVPN Hochstadt Linux
    Set against a backdrop of increasing internet surveillance, data breaches and insecure public Wi - Fi, VPNs are an essential tool: Getty.
  • Huawei funded by China spy agency, says US
    2 more articles like this
    Apr 20,2019 01:15 am by SMH.com.au
    Huawei Iran TPG United States ZTE
    Reuters reported earlier this week that the United States will push its allies at a meeting in Prague next month to adopt shared security and policy measures that will make it more difficult for Huawei to dominate 5G telecommunications networks.
  • Amendment Doss Hillary Clintons Manafort Mueller
    Among the others: Mueller’s prosecutors didn’t find violations of federal campaign finance law or of Americans acting as unregistered agents of Russia.
  • Trump seethes after Mueller paints damning portrait with notes from White House aides
    2 more articles like this
    Apr 19,2019 09:34 pm by SMH.com.au
    Don McGahn Palm Beach Russia West Wing
    Trump is quoted in the Mueller report admonishing McGahn for taking notes; he replied that he kept a record of conversations because he was a " real lawyer.
  • Hutchinsnow Kronos UPAS activity bail
    Marcus Hutchins, the security researcher best known for helping to stop the widespread WannaCry ransomware attack, has pleaded guilty to charges related to malware unconnected to the 2017 attack. ...
  • WannaCry 'hero' Marcus Hutchins pleads guilty to hacking charges
    1 more article like this
    Apr 19,2019 09:19 pm by CNN
    DEF Hutchins Kronos Lauri Love Los Angeles
    Three months later, as he prepared to fly home after visiting Las Vegas during the DEF CON hacker conference, Hutchins was arrested and charged with crimes relating to the creation and sale of malware programs UPAS Kit and Kronos, programs that...
  • After Mueller report exposed Russian interference 'roadmap,' is US ready for 2020?
    2 more articles like this
    Apr 19,2019 08:44 pm by ABC News
    DHS FBI Homeland Security abuse aim
    "While some agencies like the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Cyber Command are working to mitigate this threat, the U.S. government can and must do more to address the threat to our election process, but that requires visible...
  • FBI Florida GRU Russia asked
    The Florida Department of State said in a statement Thursday that it has " no knowledge or evidence of any successful hacking attempt at the county level during the 2016 elections " and said the FBI declined to share more information when asked,...
  • Marcus Hutchins: UK ransomware ‘hero’ pleads guilty to US hacking charges | Technology
    1 more article like this
    Apr 19,2019 07:38 pm by The Guardian
    Def actions activity arrest bail
    Marcus Hutchins, whose arrest in 2017 stunned the computer security community, acknowledged in a statement pleading guilty to criminal charges linked to his activity in 2014 and 2015. ...
  • Berkeley Chicago Police Department account addition analyst
    Car - sharing service Car2Go was out of service in the Chicago area on Friday after dozens of its vehicles were stolen through the app this week.
  • Can Companies Give Their Workers a New Skill Set?
    Apr 19,2019 06:38 pm by The Wall Street Journal
    Approximate Burning Glass Technologies Detailer Dispatcher Facilities
    For the many others, construction, maintenance and sales jobs offer some alternatives.
  • Kilimnik Mueller Office Prince Seychelles
    " The Office was not, however, able to gain access to all of Manafort's electronic communications (in some instances, messages were sent using encryption applications)," the special counsel's report says.
  • ArriensNurPhoto Getty Instagram Mueller access
    The fact that Facebook appears to be doing none of this makes it an outlier among its internet peers in how it views the safety and security of its two billion users.
  • What A Difference A Decade Makes...
    Apr 19,2019 05:59 pm by Forbes
    Bronk Houston Internet University active control scenarios
    Work with my colleagues at the Baker Institute, the University of Houston and in the oil and gas industry at the beginning of the decade led to the creation of an information sharing body for the oil and gas sector, the Oil and Natural Gas...
  • Amazon America Apple California Industry Cambridge
    Adobe • Average salary: $108,000 (tied) • Headquarters: San Jose, California • Industry: Software.
  • GIC Lim San Francisco annual bridge forum area
    "What you’re seeing is modern architectures attacking the incumbency of financial services, and that enables companies to innovate at a faster cadence," said Chris Emanuel, co - head of tech investing at GIC.GIC doesn’t disclose names of startups...
  • Bank Jordan Jacobs Poutanen TDs Toronto
    While the bank is hesitant to share exactly how much more efficient Layer 6’s AI has made TD at predicting mortgage needs, Mr. Poutanen says that across six machine - learning projects his team has run with TD data, it has improved the accuracy of...
  • North Korea TIME Wikileaks abortion advocacy group
    But interviews with the campaigns show cyber security is a secondary concern, with most of the campaigns contacted by TIME say they have not "finalized" their tech plan or hired a security chief.
  • Mueller Report Trump abuse analysis attention
    In particular, it provides insight into the Russian tactics used to infiltrate the Trump campaign, the Russian hacking of campaign and political organization computers to steal and disclose damaging information, and their use of social media to...
  • Chinese spies or trustworthy 5G industry partner?
    Apr 19,2019 02:13 pm by USA Today
    China acquisition aggressive timetable american distrust annual report
    SHENZHEN, China – Depending on whom you believe, Huawei is either a key provider of cellular equipment and a critical partner in the transition to 5G.Or an agent of the Chinese government, wittingly or unwittingly building out the global power’s...
  • Bio, News, Photos Washington Times
    Apr 19,2019 01:36 pm by Washington Times
    Affordable Care Act Americans Applewhite Arizona Democrat Arkansas
    Seema Verma currently serves as Administrator of the Centers for Medicare &Medicaid Services (CMS).29, 2017, file photo, Seema Verma, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, speaks during a news conference in Newark,...