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Climate Change
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April 2019

April 2019
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  • Africa Africans Britain Chile Europe
    For all his varied interests, Diamond emphasises that he is no authority on the political fracture that divides the UK.He deliberately avoided mention of both Brexit and Donald Trump in the book because the speed of events would render any...
  • Assange Bisevo Europe Movement Future Germany
    Horvat’s father was an opponent of that regime, a liberal who sought asylum in Germany with his family shortly after Horvat was born.
  • Artist Berlin London Power Plants Ricarda Deakin
    • Hito Steyerl: Power Plants is at the Serpentine Gallery, London, until 6 May.
  • Search Results | Wall Street Journal
    Apr 21,2019 01:40 am by The Wall Street Journal
    Amid Proposed PG Board Russell Gold Steps appeared
    By Katherine Blunt, Kimberly Chin, Russell Gold.
  • ABC News Charleston Indiana Utah Water Conservation Fund
    Elizabeth Warren thrust herself into the climate change debate this week, promising that if elected president, she'd sign an executive order on her first day in office to end drilling offshore and on public lands, a move that would reverse...
  • How smartphone is changing farming in Bihar
    1 more article like this
    Apr 21,2019 01:34 am by Times of India
    Bangalore Bhushan Bibipur Bihar CropIn
    Not with all the unpredictable climate changes," says Mahato, who relies on the smartfarm app on his phone’s home screen that details everything from his farming plot, to weather alerts, historical data about any crop diseases, standard best...
  • Britain CCUS Day London Qur
    That arithmetic clearly implies that Britain will need to build a number of CCUS plants, a point backed by Charlotte Morgan, who chaired a recent task force that urged the construction of several carbon storage facilities in the UK.Each of these...
  • BBC Climate Change Dany David Attenborough Earth
    Game of Thrones (Sky Atlantic/Now TV) Climate Change: The Facts BBC One | iPlayer Earth from Space BBC One | iPlayer Back to Life BBC Three/One | iPlayer Trust Me BBC One | iPlayer Chimerica Channel 4 | All 4.
  • London School agreement agriculture annual emissions assumption
    The 2050 deadline represents our fair share of international responsibility for implementing the Paris agreement on climate change and meeting its goal of holding the rise in average global temperature to well below 2C – and pursuing best efforts...
  • Beira Brs Idai Mozambique World Bank
    In Buzi, a riverside town 16 miles inland from Beira, residents had huddled onto rooftops as water flooded in.
  • Ford’s environmental irresponsibility | The Star
    Apr 21,2019 12:26 am by Toronto Star
    Conservatives Federal Jason Kenny Rutherford accord
    Doug Ford, Jason Kenny and their ilk are displaying that they don’t know anything about climate change, or they don’t care.
  • Why did the chicken cross the globe? | Global
    Apr 21,2019 12:23 am by The Guardian
    Arctic Atlantic Brittany Greenland Guirec Soude
    Of course, taking a hen on a round - the - world trip could be a cynically brilliant ploy to create a USP in the crowded, and crowdfunded, field of contemporary adventuring, but the affection with which Guirec talks about Monique (or Momo as he...
  • BBC Backshall JFK Miriam Margolyes Undiscovered
    Photograph: World Productions Ltd/BBC Miriam’s Dead Good Adventure 9pm, BBC Two.
  • Americans Barr Britain Congress Democrats
    The corruption investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller, whose damning report was published last week, provided ample evidence of what we already know: Trump is unfit to hold the office of president of the United States.
  • Environment emerges as major issue for Australian voters
    5 more articles like this
    Apr 21,2019 12:06 am by Times of India
    Australians Ipsos Daniel Evans access affordable health services agencies environmental
    MELBOURNE: The environment has emerged as a major issue for Australian voters, a poll showed on Sunday, but healthcare and the cost of living are the top concerns ahead of next month's elections.
  • Extinction Rebellion London Paris agreement altar
    So while a radical movement such as Extinction Rebellion can act as a much - needed catalyst to get people talking about climate change, the case for action will in the end need to be made in a much broader way that appeals to voters from across...
  • Christian CDU EPP Germany Juncker agreement
    Germany's conservative candidate for EU parliamentary elections, Manfred Weber, has spoken out in support of a global ban on single - used plastic.
  • On the road with the two faces of Zali Steggall
    Apr 20,2019 11:26 pm by SMH.com.au
    Christmas Jack Manly Voices action
    "Zali said herself that she never voted Liberal at a federal election, and she is being exposed bit by bit for trying to portray herself as a sort of Liberal but not really Liberal," says conservative Liberal senator Concietta Fierravanti - Wells,...
  • Opinion | When Did Moral Clarity Become Radical?
    Apr 20,2019 11:18 pm by The New York Times
    Cortez Ocasio Rhode Island Schneider afterthought
    There it joined a bill filed by the Democrat Max Baucus of Montana and the Republican Robert Stafford of Vermont ("For too long, those who warned about global climate change were thought of as radicals warning about the end of the world," Mr.
  • Asia Bangladesh EnBWs Energy Agency Frankfurt
    ‘Clean coal’ plants still lose more than half the energy content. ...
  • Extinction Rebellion London action busiest bridges busy shopping district
    The group, Extinction Rebellion, stopped traffic on one of London's busiest bridges and occupied Oxford Circus, the centre of London's busy shopping district.
  • Exler Rolls Royce York art gallery artificial intelligence programs
    Luxury car companies brought their "A" game to the New York International Auto Show, which opened Friday with a mix of new models, some featuring envelope - pushing technology and others pitched as green vehicles, to grab attention of new customers...
  • Earth Day parade marches through East Vancouver
    1 more article like this
    Apr 20,2019 09:24 pm by CBC
    Earth Day Parade Festival Grade Greta Thunberg Paler
    Earth Day parade on Commercial Drive in Vancouver on Saturday.
  • Amazon Broad Institute Burks Cambridge Crispr
    Furey’s work builds on decades of research and seems to confirm widely held suspicions in the field about the relationship between pure math and physics.
  • Delhi Jahan Jhala London Oxford Circus activists
    Delhi - born Jahan Jhala (L) was arrested from Oxford Circus in London on Saturday.
  • Christianity Easter Jesus Union Theological Seminary abusive god
    I’ve asked this of other interviewees in this religion series: For someone like myself who is drawn to Jesus’ teaching but doesn’t believe in the virgin birth or the physical resurrection, what am I ?.
  • Bill Shorten Coalition Labor Morrison Neg
    "The consequence is no integration of energy and climate policy, uncertainty continues to discourage investment with the consequence, as I have often warned, of both higher emissions and higher electricity prices. ...
  • Abacus Data Canadas Canadians Cortez Deal
    Meanwhile, the Liberal government in Ottawa maintains Canada will meet its target under the Paris Agreement to fight climate change, which is to reduce national emissions to 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030.
  • London Oxford Circus Waterloo Bridge activists arrested
    The protests, organised by climate group Extinction Rebellion, have for several days disrupted travel through parts of central London, including at Marble Arch and Waterloo Bridge.
  • Greens in fight of their lives to keep seats
    1 more article like this
    Apr 20,2019 05:55 pm by SMH.com.au
    Australian Conservatives Greens Labor Queensland Senator Anning
    Senator Waters said she was vying for the last Senate spot in Queensland with One Nation's Malcolm Roberts, Mr Palmer, Senator Anning, prominent same - sex marriage opponent Lyle Shelton (running for Cory Bernardi's Australian Conservatives) and...
  • Conservation authority funding for flood programs gets cut by Ontario government
    2 more articles like this
    Apr 20,2019 05:41 pm by Toronto Star
    Leader Mike Schreiner McNevin Ontario ability approach
    TORONTO—Ontario conservation authorities say the provincial government has cut their funding for flood management programs in half.
  • Environmentalists pleased with state budget proposal
    Apr 20,2019 05:29 pm by Boston Globe
    Baker DEP Department Green Budget Coalition House Ways
    Overall, the fiscal year 2020 budget proposed by House Ways and Means increases spending on state environmental agencies and programs by more than $19 million over the amount allocated in fiscal year 2019.
  • EMO Edmundston Emergency Measures Organization Fredericton Grand Lake
    " The Government of Canada, through the Government Operations Centre, continues to monitor and assess the national flooding situation carefully as it continues to evolve," said Goodale's statement.
  • What owning a yacht is really like
    Apr 20,2019 05:03 pm by Business Insider
    CardyGetty CourtGetty Images GallupGetty MitchellGetty Yacht Rent Flickr
    If the crew is on - hand just on days when you're out on the water, you'll have to spend some time cleaning the deck yourself.
  • Feds, BC Hydro fund $289 million transmission line expansion in Peace region
    1 more article like this
    Apr 20,2019 04:14 pm by CBC
    Chetwynd Crown Peace River Premier John Horgan area
    Federal Natural Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi says the government and BC Hydro will expand the Peace area's existing transmission infrastructure by building two parallel 230-kilovolt power lines running from the Site C dam near Fort St. John to...
  • Opinion | Reverend, You Say the Virgin Birth Is ‘a Bizarre Claim’?
    3 more articles like this
    Apr 20,2019 04:07 pm by The New York Times
    Christianity Easter Jesus Union Theological Seminary abusive god
    I’ve asked this of other interviewees in this religion series: For someone like myself who is drawn to Jesus’ teaching but doesn’t believe in the virgin birth or the physical resurrection, what am I ?.
  • RPT-UK police say total of environment activists arrested passes 700
    7 more articles like this
    Apr 20,2019 03:59 pm by Reuters
    Earths London Marble Arch Oxford Circus Waterloo Bridge
    The protests, organised by climate group Extinction Rebellion, have for several days disrupted travel through parts of central London, including at Oxford Circus, Marble Arch and Waterloo Bridge. ...
  • Alberta Cognito Myrtle Ottawa Trans
    An Alberta activist is setting off on a months - long journey to bring a message about climate change to parliament hill — that it's happening, and it's time to pay attention.
  • Alberta Americans Cochrane Commons Graves
    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, left, shakes hand with Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer at 1,000-km bicycle trek last year in Saguenay Que.
  • Holocaust Inslee North Carolina Oregon climate change
    Jay InsleeJay Robert Inslee2020 Dems call on Mueller to testify about redacted report Washington state Senate votes to eliminate some vaccine exemptions amid measles outbreak Inslee calls on DNC to hold debate focused on climate change MORE (D)...
  • Extinction Rebellion London Marble Arch Waterloo Bridge activists
    The protests, organised by climate group Extinction Rebellion, have for several days disrupted travel through parts of central London, including at Marble Arch and Waterloo Bridge.
  • Amid cyclone’s path of ruin, shards of hope in Mozambique
    4 more articles like this
    Apr 20,2019 02:45 pm by Boston Globe
    Beira Brs Idai Mozambique World Bank
    Cyclone Idai cost Mozambique as much as $773 million in direct economic losses, as estimated by the World Bank.
  • Beira Borders Brs Buzi Carama
    People like Augusto and Brás need sustained help for another year just to survive.
  • Climate protesters march in London again; arrests hit 710
    2 more articles like this
    Apr 20,2019 02:10 pm by Washington Times
    Oxford Circus Rebellion Waterloo Bridge british capital british government
    LONDON (AP) - London police say more than 710 people have been arrested and some 28 have been charged since climate change protests began earlier this week in the British capital.
  • Whimsical, eccentric art is a serious part of the Coachella experience
    1 more article like this
    Apr 20,2019 02:04 pm by Los Angeles Times
    Clemente Coachella Dedo Vabo OMahony Poetic Kinetics
    There’s no predicting how anyone might react to a huge piece of art, and right now a young man in khaki shorts is losing all composure on the top level of the Spectra tower at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio.
  • Notre Dame fire pledges inflame Yellow Vest protesters | News
    Apr 20,2019 01:38 pm by Al Jazeera English
    Dame France Macron Michel Aphatie Paris
    Paris, France - Holding signs that read "What about the poor" and chanting " justice for all," France's so - called "yellow vest" protesters hit the streets of Paris and other French cities on Saturday despite the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral,...
  • Extinction London Marble Arch Prime Minister added
    Oscar - winning actress Emma Thompson was among the protesters on Saturday, blasting what she said was an indescribable " level of hypocrisy from our government.
  • UK police say total of climate activists arrested passes 750
    1 more article like this
    Apr 20,2019 01:22 pm by Reuters
    GMT London Marble Arch Oxford Circus Reuters
    The protests, organised by climate group Extinction Rebellion, have for several days disrupted travel through parts of central London, including at Marble Arch and Waterloo Bridge.
  • GMT London Marble Arch Oxford Circus Reuters
    The protests, organized by climate group Extinction Rebellion, have for several days disrupted travel through parts of central London, including at Marble Arch and Waterloo Bridge.
  • Brunswick Ford Manitoba advertising attack
    But Mr. Ford crossed a line last week when his government introduced legislation that will oblige gas - station owners to put his anti - carbon - tax stickers on all their pumps, or face fines of up to $10,000 a day.