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Google and Alphabet
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February 2019

February 2019
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  • Disney (DIS) Pulls YouTube Ads Amid Concerns Over Child Voyeurs
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    Feb 20,2019 03:32 pm by Bloomberg
    Alphabet Disney Google Nestle YouTube
    Video game maker Epic Games Inc. and German packaged food giant Dr. August Oetker KG also said they had postponed YouTube spending after their ads were shown to play before the videos.
  • Samsung announces Galaxy Fold phone with apps from Facebook, Google
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    Feb 20,2019 02:58 pm by Reuters
    Alphabet Editing Fold Lisa Shumaker Samsung Electronics
    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Wednesday said it will release a pricey folding smart phone in April, with specially adapted applications from Facebook Inc and Alphabet Inc designed for the new device.
  • Alphabet Business Insider Nest Secure ability access
    Customers were caught off guard in early February when Google announced its home security system, Nest Secure, would be able to act as an AI - powered Google Assistant after a recent update.
  • ajustam automaticamente alphabet disse nesta disse que erro da nossa
    A Alphabet fundiu a Nest, que operava como uma unidade independente, em seu grupo de hardware do Google no ano passado.
  • Alphabet Google Nest Guard ability additional features
    It also said the microphone was originally included in the Nest Guard for the possibility of adding new security features down the line, like the ability to detect broken glass.
  • Breakingviews - Hadas: Profit and innovation go different ways
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 01:57 pm by Reuters
    GDP Gordon McKinsey Global Institute Nicholas Bloom anathema
    A 2017 report from the McKinsey Global Institute points out that average annual U.S. productivity growth was 2.1 percent between 1987 and 2004.
  • Google nie poinformował o mikrofonie w Nest Guard
    Feb 20,2019 01:54 pm by Business Insider
    business czujnika ruchu element systemu firm technologicznych firma funkcjonuje
    Foto: Alex Wong / Getty Images Google przyznał, że mikrofon w urządzeniu Nest Guard nigdy nie był włączony.
  • Google fails to disclose microphone in Nest Secure
    3 more articles like this
    Feb 20,2019 01:17 pm by Reuters
    Incs Google Nest Secure York alphabet inc’s google device
    (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc’s Google said on Wednesday it had made an "error" in not disclosing that its Nest Secure home security system had a built - in microphone in its devices.
  • Alphabet Doctoroff LRT Port Lands Quayside
    The project — a partnership with Waterfront Toronto that hopes to bring affordable housing, heated sidewalks, raincoats for buildings and autonomous vehicle infrastructure to 12 acres of the city's waterfront — has been mired in controversy since...
  • How Google hires exceptional employees
    Feb 20,2019 12:11 pm by Business Insider
    Alphabet Larry Page Bock Google Rosenberg administrative assistant
    An organization the size of Google can afford to have a large group of people spend time with each candidate, but even smaller companies need to avoid placing the burden of hiring someone onto one individual.
  • Silhouettes Twitter copyright creative industries deal
    Under the reform agreed last week, Alphabet Inc’s Google and Facebook Inc will be forced to share revenue with the creative industries and remove copyright - protected content on YouTube or Instagram.
  • AAPL, AMZN Stock Drop Late 2018 Spurred Institutional Selling
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 09:49 am by Bloomberg
    Alphabet Amazon Apple HSBC Warns Morgan Stanley
    Ownership of Apple fell 50 basis points on a quarter - over - quarter basis, dropping to 2.4 percent,"the lowest level of institutional ownership since C2Q17," Morgan Stanley analysts led by Katy Huberty wrote to clients.
  • Amazon’s Ad Business May Be Growing Faster Than Thought
    3 more articles like this
    Feb 20,2019 07:45 am by The Wall Street Journal
    Amazon Email Esc Facebook Google
    text=Amazon%E2%80%99s%20ad%20business%20is%20again%20outstripping%20earlier%20projections%2C%20according%20to%20research%20firm%20eMarketer. &url=https: //www.wsj.com/articles/amazons - ad - business - may - be - growing - faster - than - thought -...
  • Alphabet Congressman Adam Schiff Ozoma Pinterest algorithm
    The company’s moves come amid heightened attention to the role of social media in public health, with lawmakers, health officials and some of the industry’s biggest companies wrestling with the spread of scientifically dubious information that...
  • Amazon Google IMDb Peart Twitch
    Amazon’s ad revenue is expected to increase to $15 billion in 2020, or just under 10% of the digital ad market share in the U.S., from $11.3 billion in 2019 and an 8.8% share, according to the latest forecast.
  • Alphabet Google Nest Guard Nest Secure ability
    Still, even if Google included the microphone in its Nest Guard device for future updates — like its Assistant integration — the news comes as consumers have grown increasingly wary of major tech companies and their commitment to consumer privacy.
  • Google to buy data migration company Alooma in cloud push
    Feb 19,2019 10:36 pm by Business Insider
    Alooma Alphabet Amazon Canalys Crunchbase
    Google trails Amazon and Microsoft in the fast - growing business of helping companies move to the cloud, with Google Cloud holding 8.5 percent of worldwide cloud market share at the end of 2018, according to Canalys.
  • Alphabet City Web alooma amzn thomas kurian
    路透2月19日 - Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O) 旗下谷歌周二表示,将收购数据移转公司Alooma,这是该公司力图在云端业务迎头赶上规模更大竞争对手亚马逊 (AMZN.O) 及微软 (MSFT.O) 的措施之一。.
  • Google to buy data migration company Alooma in cloud push
    5 more articles like this
    Feb 19,2019 06:20 pm by Reuters
    Alooma Amazon California Canalys Crunchbase
    (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc’s Google said on Tuesday it will buy data migration company Alooma, as part of efforts to catch up with bigger cloud service rivals Amazon.com Inc and Microsoft Corp.
  • Alphabet Kristina Verner York affiliate agency
    Two Waterfront Toronto executives who work on the agency’s smart - city partnership with Google affiliate Sidewalk Labs will appear before the House of Commons ethics committee Thursday to discuss the project.
  • Deals of the day-Mergers and acquisitions
    Feb 19,2019 05:00 pm by Reuters
    Amazon Singapore advanced talks alphabet inc’s google asian country
    * * Britain’s competition watchdog said on Monday it was considering whether the completed acquisition of British outsourcing firm Mitie Group Plc’s pest control business by Rentokil Initial Plc could result in a substantial lessening of...
  • Amazon's China unit in merger talks with NetEase's Kaola: report
    2 more articles like this
    Feb 19,2019 03:41 pm by Reuters
    Amazon China Hong Kong agency apparel
    As of mid - 2018, China’s Alibaba Group Holding led the e - commerce market in the world’s second largest economy with a 58.2 percent share, followed by local rival JD.com.
  • Business Insider Facebook Google ability achievement
    Giving machines "common sense" to learn about the world through data will be a big area of research in artificial intelligence over the next decade, says Facebook's chief AI scientist Yann LeCun.
  • Alibaba America Andrew BurtonGetty Bank Bloomberg News
    Young Sergey Brin and Larry Page. source RANDI LYNN BEACH / AP Images.
  • accidente que agencia financiada aire autos sin conductor más adelante este cielo cubierto
    El conductor no prestó atención, concluyó la agencia en un informe de enero de 2017, y la tecnología del piloto automático no fue la culpable, a pesar de que el sistema no pudo distinguir la diferencia entre el lado plateado del camión con remolque...
  • China's JD.com to lay off 10 percent of senior executives this year: report
    5 more articles like this
    Feb 19,2019 08:48 am by Reuters
    China Josh Horwitz Reuters Singles Day aim
    SHANGHAI (Reuters) - JD.com Inc, one of China’s largest e - commerce sites, will lay off 10 percent of its senior executives this year, Chinese online media outlet Sina Tech reported on Tuesday, citing unnamed sources.
  • Twitter Unveils New Political Ads Policies Ahead of EU Vote
    2 more articles like this
    Feb 19,2019 08:37 am by Bloomberg
    Alphabet Facebook Google Public Policy Twitter
    Twitter Inc. plans to introduce extra checks and publish more information around political ads in Europe, stepping up efforts to combat disinformation online amid worries Russia or other actors could try to meddle with European Union elections in...
  • Volkswagen Deal With Ford's Argo Can Pave Road to Driverless Cars
    3 more articles like this
    Feb 19,2019 06:29 am by Bloomberg
    Alphabet Argo Cruise Waymo access
    The world’s largest automaker is in talks to invest in Argo AI at a $4 billion valuation, the automated car company backed by Ford Motor Co., Bloomberg News reported.
  • iNovia raises $600-million for two new funds
    Feb 19,2019 05:09 am by The Globe and Mail
    Arsenault Canadas Teralys Capital ability achievement
    Mr. Arsenault said iNovia derived more than 90 per cent of the growth fund’s proceeds from Canadian investors, including Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto - Dominion Bank, National Bank of Canada, fund - of - funds investors Teralys Capital and...
  • Facebook's AI Chief Researching New Breed of Semiconductor
    1 more article like this
    Feb 19,2019 04:52 am by Bloomberg
    Google LeCun York University artificial intelligence applications batch
    Yann LeCun said that future chips used for training deep learning algorithms, which underpin most of the recent progress in artificial intelligence, would need to be able to manipulate data without having to break it up into multiple batches.
  • City Quayside Sidewalk Labs Waterfront Toronto addition
    In the wake of a leaked report last week that revealed Sidewalk Labs ' interest in laying claim to developer fees and taxes usually routed to the city in exchange for funding Toronto's waterfront transit, longtime critics of the project said it is...
  • Facebook Google ability achievement activity
    Systems powered by artificial intelligence, whether you're referring to the algorithms Facebook uses to detect inappropriate content or the virtual assistants made by Google or Amazon that power the smart speakers in your home, still can't infer...
  • Altaeros is taking cell service to new heights
    Feb 18,2019 07:33 pm by Boston Globe
    Altaeros Funk Glass Loon SuperTower
    The company says the radio signals from one SuperTower have a range of more than 35 miles over flat terrain, taking the place of 15 land - based cell towers.
  • German Cartel Office Gets It Wrong on Facebook
    Feb 18,2019 05:58 pm by Bloomberg
    Federal Cartel Office GDPR Google action annoying pop
    There’s a strong case to be made against Facebook in this area, for exactly the same reasons the French data protection regulator fined Google $57 million last month.
  • Google’s waterfront plans spark flood of questions
    Feb 18,2019 05:37 pm by Toronto Star
    Alphabets South Riverdale Waterfront Toronto alternate scheme awesome project
    As a community representative, I have shared in more than 20 years of dreaming and planning for the future of the Port Lands, first under the auspices of the city but for most of the time working with Waterfront Toronto.
  • Alphabet Google Sidewalk Labs Waterfront Toronto acres
    They are calling on the project to be revisited after a leaked report last week revealed Sidewalk Labs ' interest in laying claim to developer fees and taxes usually routed to the city in exchange for funding Toronto's waterfront transit and...
  • Google reveals how to have the perfect team
    Feb 18,2019 03:49 pm by Business Insider
    Google Project Aristotle York Times Magazine cancer colleagues
    The tech behemoth launched a venture in 2012 called Project Aristotle, which gathered data by analyzing many studies and actually observing the way people interacted in a group, according to The New York Times.
  • For economic outcomes of Sidewalk Toronto we need to talk about intellectual property
    1 more article like this
    Feb 18,2019 03:03 pm by The Globe and Mail
    Canadians PDA Sidewalk Labs Waterfront Toronto admission
    There is a tremendous economic opportunity in building smart cities, but Waterfront Toronto’s current management of the IP locks Canadians in as rent payers to their new and smarter IP landlords.
  • Googles Lawrence Berkeley Nvidia Prabhat Summit
    Finding ways to put more computing power behind deep - learning algorithms has played a major part in the technology’s recent ascent.
  • 3 things we learned from Facebook's AI chief about the future of artificial intelligence
    1 more article like this
    Feb 18,2019 12:57 pm by Business Insider
    Business Insider Google ability achievement activity
    caption Facebook's chief AI scientist Yann LeCun. source Facebook Giving machines "common sense" to learn about the world through data will be a big area of research in artificial intelligence over the next decade, says Facebook's chief AI...
  • Bengaluru Detroit OEmarkera Stephen Coates Ushr
    (Reuters) - Japanese map platform developer Dynamic Map Platform announced on Wednesday it plans to acquire Detroit - based map startup Ushr for up to $200 million in a bid to widen its geographical footprint in the burgeoning self driving cars...
  • Amazon Apple Cook Hollywood accuracy performance
    Last month, he cut the team by about 200 people, according to people familiar with the change, which was previously reported by CNBC.Apple announced in early February that Ms. Ahrendts would leave the company in April, ending a five - year stint...
  • Alphabet Amazon Google Long Island City Silicon Valley
    In its announcement Thursday canceling the deal, Amazon said it would still bulk up its New York staff of more than 5,000, of which about 2,500 are tech workers.
  • Facebook and Google Face Another Costly Battle With Europe
    4 more articles like this
    Feb 18,2019 09:50 am by Bloomberg
    Big Tech Brussels Buttarelli Europe Facebook
    Regulators are hitting the likes of Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Facebook Inc. with a flurry of antitrust fines and data - privacy probes, implying that they regard tech billionaires as more John D. Rockefeller than Nikola Tesla.
  • Alphabet Australia Google Xero ability
    Mr Sood cited Bank for International Settlements data showing there were about 1.2 billion direct debit payments in Australia in 2017, with annual growth of roughly 10 per cent a year since 2013.
  • Alphabet Apple Brin Cannon Damore
    From its earliest days, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin sought to hire women for key positions, setting up systems designed to ensure their company did not overlook qualified female engineers because of a bias toward hiring geeky men.
  • Alphabet Google Notion Capital ability bank
    He said the company’s platform allows businesses to take direct debit payments from customers, whereas before companies would have had to use different procedures to set up payments in different geographies, or even between different banks in the...
  • 以上周五为例,道指涨1.7%,FANG+指数跌0.3%;当中,过往大热的几大科技龙头包括苹果、Facebook(fb)、亚马逊、Netflix及Google母公司Alphabet全部逆市下跌,加埋指数内的中资科技股阿里巴巴及百度跌幅均逾1%,整个指数表现大落后。.
  • Trump’s Plan to Keep America First in AI
    Feb 17,2019 09:05 pm by WIRED
    Calo Department Trump administration immigration administration plan
    "AI has really become a transformative technology that’s changing industries, markets, and society," says Lynne Parker, who leads work on AI in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. ...
  • Oklahoma Sundar Pichai Texas United States Virginia
    Google is investing $13 billion into expanding its physical presence into 14 additional states this year, with both data centers and office spaces, CEO Sundar Pichai announced Wednesday.