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Gender Wage Gap
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February 2019

February 2019
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  • BBC Britain Wiktor Szymanowicz Barcroft gender pay good news
    These figures have emerged this week, after the BBC took a look at the first 10 per cent of firms - just over 1,000 companies - who have reported their gender pay gap for the second time, after it became a legal requirement for all organisations...
  • BBC Chief Executive Kwik Fit NPower Telegraph
    Four in ten private companies that have published their latest gender pay figures have reported wider gaps than last year, according to the BBC.The snapshot data takes a look at the median pay gap in each company - the difference between the middle...
  • I pray Chris Pratt will be an ally to LGBTQ Christians (Opinion)
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 12:59 pm by CNN
    Hillsong Church Houston LGBTQ Christians Page Pratt
    " The real question is not about Zoe Church's posture to LGBTQ Christians, but about Zoe Church's policies," said Sarah Ngu, a writer who co - leads Church Clarity, an organization devoted to transparency about churches ' policies on issues such...
  • Houston a top city for women in tech, study finds
    Feb 20,2019 11:42 am by Houston Chronicle
    Computing Grace Hopper Celebration Nielsen Houston Chronicle Women attendees computers
    Photo: James Nielsen, Staff.
  • Elena Simintzi Flagler Business School University addition aspect
    " I think often organizations are concerned that they have to pay top dollar to retain the employees, when really if they spent more time thinking about transparency, thinking about ensuring pay equity, thinking about how they're communicating all...
  • Annie Mac BBC Radio CANNES PRS Smirnoff
    In partnership with Smirnoff, Annie has today announced the launch of the Equalising Music Pledge - a campaign that challenges every person in the music industry to ‘do one thing’ for gender equality this year.
  • Pharmacists, lawyers, CEOs top list
    Feb 20,2019 07:24 am by USA Today
    BLS Bureau Labor Statistics USA TODAY United States
    Compliance officers • Women's annual earnings: $60,580 • Men's annual earnings: $75,400 • Women's earnings as pct. of men ' s: 80.3 percent • Number of workers: 278,000 (53.6 percent women).
  • Bernie Sanders Clinton Democrats Warren acceptable reason
    In the 2016 primary, Democratic voters were presented with a choice: Sanders, who represented the potential of redistributive policy, and Clinton, who represented the possibility of shattering, as she put it, the last, highest glass ceiling.
  • Asda Ashley BBC Radio Booker Brexit
    Mike Coupe, chief executive of Sainsbury ' s, told BBC Radio 4's Today Programme that he knew there were competition risks involved in the tie - up with Asda.
  • BBC Bangladesh Begum Independent Group Labour
    Shamima Begum, who joined the Islamic State group in Syria aged 15, has been told she is to lose her UK citizenship.
  • BBC Heathrow Kwik Fit Virgin Atlantic action
    A company's gender pay gap can also be caused by other things, for example fewer women in senior or highly - paid roles or more women in part - time jobs.
  • High gender diversity helps co perform better financially
    Feb 19,2019 07:02 pm by Times of India
    ability accelerator access advance advancement
    So, who do we call a ‘male ally’ — "A man who utilises his power &status to advocate gender diversity across all leadership levels and helps women break the glass ceiling.
  • Alberta British Facebook Ontario Saskatchewan
    EDMONTON—Some local shops are backpedalling after supporting a Restaurants Canada campaign that advocates for a minimum wage freeze and lower wages for young workers.
  • 11 Restaurants to Try Right Now
    Feb 19,2019 06:05 pm by Forbes
    Abysse Brittany Champs Elyses David Bizets Ducasse
    Buzzy and warm, and brimming with plenty of bon vivant spirit, two - star chef Helene Darroze’s laid - back restaurant Jòia (joy in Bearnese dialect) is steeped in her south - western French roots.
  • Bravery Alone Cannot Break Glass Ceilings
    Feb 19,2019 05:42 pm by Forbes
    Baptiste French Berthe Morisot Golden Globes RBG african american
    Bravery certainly enabled her to stand strong in the face of what was likely harsh criticism and resistance at the time, but without her incredible talent, perseverance and supporters she never would have become known as one of three "grande dames"...
  • Audikesavalu Justices Madras Madurai Pudukottai
    Madurai: The Madurai bench of the Madras high court has dismissed an appeal by the school education department against a single judge order directing it to raise the salary of sanitary workers employed with the department in Pudukottai district on...
  • Atlanta bans pay history questions on city job applications
    Feb 19,2019 01:43 pm by Washington Times
    Atlanta bottoms box city color
    News outlets report Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms banned the questions Monday in an effort to prevent wage discrimination and close the gender pay gap.
  • Gender Equality Is Smart Business
    Feb 19,2019 01:28 pm by Forbes
    ExxonMobils Foundation General Electrics Google House
    Yet in my 30-plus years of working in over 140 countries in the global spirits industry, and in my service on corporate and educational boards, I’ve typically seen a lack of proportionate female representation on boards.
  • Birman Chlo Choupette Fendi Karl
    Creative director of Chanel since 1983 and Fendi since 1965, and founder of his own line, Mr. Lagerfeld was the definition of a fashion polyglot, able to speak the language of many different brands at the same time (not to mention many languages...
  • How To Support Women In The Workplace
    Feb 19,2019 08:55 am by Forbes
    Rights Speak article author behavior
    Master business success &confidence coach for executive women and small business owners, speaker, author. http: //www.janetzaretsky.com.
  • Twitter WomenEd academy afternoon tea aim
    Topics include how to be "10% braver ", the experiences of BAME and SEN female leaders in schools, how male leaders can support and encourage female leadership, flexible working, leadership styles, how to apply for promotion and, of course, an...
  • Global Education 2019
    Feb 19,2019 12:32 am by Newsweek
    Asia Czech Republic English Germany Hong Kong
    Unsurprisingly then, the country has a rich educational heritage - boasting over 500 higher education institutions, many of which specialize in specific educational disciplines unlike the traditional, multi - disciplinary teaching model that many...
  • S. Korean Women Abandon Makeup to Fight Male Domination
    1 more article like this
    Feb 18,2019 11:38 pm by VOA
    Lee Mintel Seoul abuse backdrop
    But about six months ago, she joined a growing band of young women who have given up makeup and cut their hair short to rebel against long - held ideals of beauty they claim to have been subjected to in male - dominated South Korea.
  • A woman composer: A rare breed in France - World
    Feb 18,2019 09:29 pm by China Daily
    Andre Dalbavie Britain Chamber Music Claude Debussy Finland
    With so few female composers in the classical music repertoire, it was an easy mistake to make.
  • Police cane protesting contractual teachers | Patna News
    Feb 18,2019 05:31 pm by Times of India
    Bihar PATNA Pankaj Kumar academic work banner
    PATNA: Police used batons and water cannons to disperse the government school teachers, who were protesting against the non - payment of their salaries, here on Monday.
  • Global Education 2019
    Feb 18,2019 04:43 pm by Newsweek
    Asia Czech Republic English Germany Hong Kong
    Unsurprisingly then, the country has a rich educational heritage - boasting over 500 higher education institutions, many of which specialize in specific educational disciplines unlike the traditional, multi - disciplinary teaching model that many...
  • Lincolnshire breaking news: Latest updates
    Feb 18,2019 01:47 pm by BBC
    Boston Debbie Barnes Head Horncastle InvestSK Japan Festival
    Quote Message: We don't actively recruit in terms of positive discrimination, but our policies and procedures would support women to be able to step up and take more career development opportunities such as flexible working, part - time working and...
  • Aperol Famous Gracie Hendricks Gin Horseman
    Mattias Horseman, ambassador for Hendrick’s Gin, says that Orbium is ideal for a martini, thanks to its complex flavors that lend themselves to interesting flavor combinations.
  • La Maestra - Alondra de la Parra | DocFilm | DW
    Feb 18,2019 10:19 am by ACTUALITÉS | DW.COM
    Americas Mexico USA York access
    Alondra de la Parra allowed us access to her private archive for "La Maestra", and the film presents previously unpublished footage from the conductor's life, including videos shot at a workshop with the German conductor Kurt Masur.
  • There are nowhere near enough female-founded businesses
    Feb 18,2019 09:23 am by The Telegraph
    Secretary Telegraph Treasury Liz Truss average case
    These are facts and the question of why this is the case is the root cause of why there are less female founded businesses being launched, why VCs are not investing in female run businesses more and why there aren’t more female CEOs ?.
  • Hilltop, MCA co-founder Jules Stein’s onetime mountain estate, eyes a buyer
    1 more article like this
    Feb 18,2019 09:12 am by Los Angeles Times
    Lake Arrowhead Music Corp Rock Hudson acre compound appearance
    Jules Stein, the ophthalmologist - turned - band - booking - businessman who died in 1981 at 85, helped create the Music Corp. of America.
  • MacKinnon McKinnon Question Time SNP Scotland
    Speaking before the launch of a £32m dedicated television channel in Scotland, the cornerstone of the BBC’s efforts to address complaints from SNP politicians, TV companies and viewers that it has neglected Scottish audiences, McKinnon acknowledged...
  • Balance Florida Hicks Laurel Maryland Walmart Radtka
    In addition to lawsuits, Walmart workers have pushed for the company to reveal the extent of pay gaps between men and women workers.
  • Abrams Beyonce Michelle Obama North Carolina Riley Johnson
    Mom dresses daughter as an inspiring woman each day of Black History Month.
  • Why small business can be beautiful
    Feb 18,2019 02:33 am by The Telegraph
    Diyana DimitrovaGetty Manchester NHS advice apprentice levy
    I believe that more corporations should act like a small business, closing the distance between the chief executive and colleagues on the shop floor.
  • Do American Women Still Need an Equal Rights Amendment?
    Feb 18,2019 12:14 am by The New York Times
    Congress Equal Rights Amendment Phyllis Schlafly Supreme Court Virginia
    And our understanding of gender has changed in ways unimagined either by the suffragists who first drafted an equal rights amendment when women won the vote a century ago or the backers of the E.R.A. a half - century later.
  • Rarer than a Sumatran rhino: a woman composer
    Feb 17,2019 11:31 pm by France 24
    Fanny Mendelssohn Guillaume Connesson Helene John Adams Louise Farrenc
    " Lots of female composers were crushed like Clara Schumann (the wife of Robert Schumann)," despite being one of the most distinguished composers and musicians of the Romantic era, said the pianist Celia Oneto Bensaid, who often performs Pepin's...
  • Australian sports sign up to gender pay equality scheme
    1 more article like this
    Feb 17,2019 09:54 pm by Reuters
    MCC WGEA administration approach australian dollars
    The CEOs of Cricket Australia, the National Rugby League and Football Federation Australia, have signed up to the "Pathway to Pay Equality" report by the Male Champions of Change Institute (MCC), which details a milestone - based approach to...
  • Girls and their mums learning coding for equality
    Feb 17,2019 05:01 pm by SMH.com.au
    Australia Health East Jayde McBurnie Miss Makes Code Women
    Girl Geek Academy chief executive Sarah Moran said promoting gender equality through education was part of her organisation's DNA." We want to get rid of that stereotype around coding; that it's a guy in a hoodie, hunched over a laptop in the...
  • Opinion | The Real Mommy War Is Against the State
    Feb 17,2019 01:33 pm by The New York Times
    Atlantic Germany Sweden United States Washington
    Since 2011, I’ve interviewed 135 middle - class employed mothers in Sweden, Germany, Italy and the United States to understand their work - family conflict.
  • Caroline Criado Hero ImagesGetty ImagesHero Ive Perez access
    I own tools, I have ideas and I tinker with my surroundings, but I’ve never felt completely at ease in the tasks that various men in my life seem to take on with no backward glance.
  • Bay Jacob Elliott Mazzola Vanessa abundance
    "The property has received all of its permits, and it’s turnkey ready," said listing agent Ludovico Mazzola of Compass real estate agency in San Francisco.
  • JPMorgan Has a Coin Now
    Feb 17,2019 02:10 am by Bloomberg
    Apple Auris BKS Barnes Ether
    Exchanging value, such as money, between different parties over a blockchain requires a digital currency, so we created the JPM Coin.
  • Do American Women Still Need an Equal Rights Amendment?
    Feb 16,2019 02:41 pm by The New York Times
    Congress Equal Rights Amendment Phyllis Schlafly Supreme Court Virginia
    And our understanding of gender has changed in ways unimagined either by the suffragists who first drafted an equal rights amendment when women won the vote a century ago or the backers of the E.R.A. a half - century later.
  • HKT Reuters average salaries bank bargain
    Back in December, Reuters reported that the bank increased its gender pay gap of average salaries for men and women to 61% — since last April.
  • Discovery” (Paid Post by CBS from The New York Times)
    Feb 16,2019 12:24 pm by The New York Times
    Access CBS Green Season Sonequa Martin
    "Star Trek: Discovery," a provocative prequel, continues to shatter the glass ceiling, introducing a cast of female leaders, including First Officer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin - Green) and Captain Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh), women whose...
  • Here’s how to level the ‘paying’ field
    1 more article like this
    Feb 16,2019 11:51 am by SMH.com.au
    Sex Discrimination Act aged big contributor broken earnings patterns capacity
    Broken earnings patterns to care for children are a big contributor to a gender super gap of 42 per cent – that’s how much less women aged 60-64 have at retirement than men, according to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia...
  • American Express Corporate Escape Artist Heart ability additional autonomy
    As the founder of Corporate Escape Artist, I made the leap to entrepreneurship after a successful 25-year corporate marketing career and have never looked back.
  • Lincolnshire breaking news: Latest updates
    Feb 16,2019 08:57 am by BBC
    Bourne Cup Factor Friends Glasgow
    Quote Message: It's becoming quite embarrassing for Friends of Lincoln Tank that we don't have a photograph of the Lincoln tank.
  • AAUW American Association United States York albatross
    Black women have by far the most outstanding student debt after college graduation compared with both white men and white women.