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Clean Energy
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  • Congress Delhi Paris Poland Senate
    And if Mr. Trump says no, make climate change the galvanizing issue for 2020 for millennials who will vote as if their lives depend on it — because they do.
  • Sask. Environmental Society releases 'blueprint' on climate change
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    Dec 13,2018 09:03 pm by CBC
    Environmental Society Peter Prebble Prairie Resilience Saskatchewan acceleration
    However, the SES report says Prairie Resilience doesn't go far enough, since oil and gas account for a combined 51 per cent of the province's greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Department Rebecca Glover Donald Trump National Oceanic White House access
    Obama's science adviser, John Holdren, estimates that over eight years he briefed the president about climate change more than 50 times.
  • China’s Great Leap Backward on climate change
    Dec 13,2018 08:51 pm by The Globe and Mail
    Adams China Donald Trump LNG United States
    "With green energy an abject failure in terms of meeting China’s need for either energy or clean air, all that’s left is propaganda," Ms. Adams says.
  • AIR American Express Conspiracy NASA Parley
    Parley for the Oceans Founder Cyril Gutsch believes that the AIR strategy needs to replace the outdated mentality of the ' 3R's ' solution (Reduce, Re - use, Recycle).
  • Baptiste Bellot Celiscar Consulting Desauguste
    Haiti's social and economic narrative is being rewritten by innovative entrepreneurs dedicated to championing sustainability and self - sufficiency while celebrating the vibrant and creative culture of the island and its citizens, which dates back...
  • Corporate welfare is costly, even when it’s green
    Dec 13,2018 06:02 pm by The Globe and Mail
    Bombardier Energy Agency Europe Germany IEA
    Governments can, via mandates that cost consumers or taxpayers a small fortune, arbitrarily demand a growing share of power or energy use be provided by wind and solar.
  • Alta Current Dobrusin Roy Milne Tremonti
    As industries change around plans to cut greenhouse emissions, will the "green jobs" that replace them match the pay and benefits of the fossil fuel sector ?.
  • Block Island Bloomberg NEF East Coast Massachusetts North Carolina
    Eleven companies were vying on Thursday for the opportunity to install wind turbines in Atlantic waters off Massachusetts, setting the stage for a record - breaking auction driven by growing demand for renewable power in Northeast U.S.After eight...
  • Globe editorial: With Doug Ford, Ontario is open for (monkey) business
    1 more article like this
    Dec 13,2018 03:13 pm by The Globe and Mail
    Ford Hydro Ontario Premier ally
    One of Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s favourite slogans – and Mr. Ford loves slogans as only a literal label - maker can – is "Open For Business.
  • Bienfait Canadians Hayley Zacks Sask Submitted
    Jackie Wall and Hayley Zacks come at the climate debate from different sides, but they both agree action must be taken.
  • Apple Maps Iowa Moines Oregon Qualcomm
    Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook discusses Apple plans to build a $1.375 billion data center in Waukee, Iowa, at the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines, Iowa August 24, 2017.
  • The Feminist Legacy of the Baby-Sitters Club
    Dec 13,2018 02:03 pm by The New Yorker
    Claudia Great Idea Isabella Kristy Martin
    What’s more, I came of age in the late eighties, when Ann M. Martin’s young - adult book series the Baby - Sitters Club peaked in popularity—and so Simone’s flyer, despite its nod to twenty - first - century darling Carly Rae Jepsen, transported me...
  • Opinion | John Kerry: Forget Trump. We All Must Act on Climate Change.
    2 more articles like this
    Dec 13,2018 01:57 pm by The New York Times
    Congress Delhi Paris Poland Senate
    And if Mr. Trump says no, make climate change the galvanizing issue for 2020 for millennials who will vote as if their lives depend on it — because they do.
  • Alliance Bloomberg Chair Paris Agreement USASF
    "With the U.S. Alliance for Sustainable Finance (USASF) joining the FC4S family, our network is truly inclusive and comprehensive now, thanks to Bloomberg taking the lead in the U.S.," added Kong Wei, FC4S Co - Chair and Convenor of the Shanghai...
  • First major offshore wind project in jeopardy of being blocked
    1 more article like this
    Dec 13,2018 12:37 pm by Boston Globe
    Block Island Long Wharf Louise Marthas Vineyard Massachusetts
    As fishermen await an offer for compensation from Vineyard Wind, they said the company should understand that the project’s impact would be felt throughout the industry.
  • Green power on track to overtake coal in Germany by year end
    1 more article like this
    Dec 13,2018 11:22 am by Reuters
    FILE PHOTO FRANKFURT Germany ZSW area city
    FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Green energy is on track to overtake coal as Germany’s main power source this year, with renewables set to cover a record 38 percent of the country’s electricity consumption, two percent up from 2017, two energy industry...
  • Children Federation Ross access accountant accounting firm
    Save the Children Federation, also known as Save the Children US, has since adopted similar measures, including making sure someone confirms all new vendors and bank account instructions via phone, as well as strengthening its technology systems.
  • High-paying low-stress jobs
    Dec 13,2018 11:07 am by Business Insider
    Apply Assist Bachelor Earth EngineeringFlickrAttribution
    Education requirements: Many entry - level positions are available for those with a bachelor's degree, but some employers prefer to hire applicants with a master's degree or Ph.D.Human factors engineer and ergonomist.
  • Apple's latest expansion puts it closer to its biggest rivals
    1 more article like this
    Dec 13,2018 10:52 am by Engadget
    Apple Austin San Diego Seattle United States
    Apple is on track to become the largest private employer in Austin, Texas, after announcing plans to invest $1 billion in a new campus less than a mile away from its existing facilities there.
  • Southern California Edison wants to charge $125 million to a competing utility's customers
    1 more article like this
    Dec 13,2018 09:02 am by Los Angeles Times
    Bardacke CCA Californians Ciupagea Clean Power Alliance
    Bardacke said Clean Power Alliance wouldn’t have objected if Edison had made up the $972-million shortfall by raising electricity rates for all of its customers in the final months of 2018, when doing so wouldn’t have affected Clean Power Alliance.
  • Family Medicine Forum Mike Thususka Updated aerospace industry city
    The economic development department in Summerside, P.E.I., is looking at new ways to recruit physicians.
  • Pueblo United States administration background capacity
    U.S. solar installations fell 15 per cent in the third quarter as the Trump administration’s tariffs on overseas - made panels forced developers to put off large projects, according to a report commissioned by the industry’s primary trade group.
  • Katowice Paris Agreement Poland Seychelles Support Team Talanoa Dialogue
    In what many describe as the biggest international climate change negotiations since the 2015 Paris Agreement, COP24 convened this month in the city of Katowice, Poland.
  • Apple Austin Boulder Cupertino Lone Star State
    "Their decision to expand operations in our state is a testament to the high - quality workforce and unmatched economic environment that Texas offers.
  • Actions Andreessen Horowitz Applets Business Energy Department
    Octopus Energy, a UK renewable energy company backed by £7 billion ($8.8 billion) fund Octopus Capital, is set to announce an integration with If This Then That (IFTTT) to enable customers to automatically adjust energy usage based on changes in...
  • Worst (Best) Case Climate Scenario Will Cost Norway $800 Billion
    1 more article like this
    Dec 13,2018 03:29 am by Bloomberg
    Norway Oslo appreciation climate change climate risk
    Norway’s $1 trillion sovereign wealth fund last year asked the government for permission to sell its oil and gas stocks, though it described the proposal as a measure to reduce financial risk exposure and said it was unrelated to climate risk.
  • Afghanistan Baluchi Bangkok Bin Laden Bush
    In New York, 1,432 miles away, Saifullah’s son Uzair is serving a 30-year prison sentence on charges of providing material support for terrorism by helping an al - Qaida member.
  • 2018: The Year in Climate Change
    Dec 13,2018 02:00 am by The New York Times
    Americas Trump York administration agreement
    Coal, the most polluting of energy sources, shows no sign of disappearing three years after the Paris agreement, when world leaders promised decisive action against global warming.
  • China Prepares Policy to Increase Access for Foreign Companies
    1 more article like this
    Dec 13,2018 01:41 am by The Wall Street Journal
    Beijings China Email Esc Facebook
    text=China%20plans%20to%20replace%20an%20industrial%20policy%20savaged%20by%20the%20Trump%20administration%20as%20protectionist%20with%20one%20promising%20greater%20access%20for%20foreign%20firms &url=https: //www.wsj.com/articles/china - is -...
  • Around the World, Climate Goals Clash With Reality
    Dec 13,2018 01:41 am by The Wall Street Journal
    Esc Facebook Paris Twitter accord
    text=As%20negotiators%20at%20U.N.%20talks%20in%20Poland%20hammer%20out%20a%20rulebook%20to%20reduce%20greenhouse -...
  • Andrew Coyne: Only thing equalization has spread evenly in Canada is discontent
    1 more article like this
    Dec 13,2018 01:18 am by National Post
    Alberta Albertans Coyne Kenney Quebec
    Shortly after the premier of Quebec, Francois Legault, declared his opposition to reviving the mothballed Energy East pipeline, which would have transported western Canadian oil through Quebec to refineries in New Brunswick — there was no "social...
  • U.S. solar takes hit from Trump tariffs but is cheaper than ever: report
    1 more article like this
    Dec 13,2018 01:12 am by Reuters
    Lufkin United States administration capacity cost
    A move by China earlier this year to slash subsidies for solar installations has unleashed a flood of low - cost Chinese - made panels onto the global market - pushing down prices.
  • Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day
    Dec 13,2018 12:12 am by Bloomberg
    China Citigroup Singapore ambitious industrial program anonymity
    Starting with the world’s lowest interest rate from the Swiss National Bank, and then later, the region’s two highest central bank benchmarks in Ukraine and Turkey, officials setting the cost of borrowing are likely to focus on the shape of policy...
  • How `Made in China 2025' Frames Trump's Trade Gripes: QuickTake
    2 more articles like this
    Dec 13,2018 12:11 am by Bloomberg
    Asias China Group Trump advanced manufacturing economy
    The plan, released in 2015, identified 10 industries in which China aspired to become globally competitive by 2025 and globally dominant during this century.
  • Avro Arrow Bailey Canadas Clearwater Seafoods Halifax
    The ocean supercluster, essentially a private - sector research program that’s funded 50 per cent by government, is one of five Innovation Superclusters supported by the federal government.
  • Ben Fowke Obama Trump WalMart Xcel Energy
    It is moving increasingly to wind and solar electricity, although it says that it will rely on emerging technologies that are not yet commercial as well as its existing nuclear power plants.
  • NOAA Administrator: I’ve Never Briefed Trump on Climate Change
    2 more articles like this
    Dec 12,2018 09:49 pm by Bloomberg
    Department Rebecca Glover Trump White House access administration
    " There is no sign that President Trump is interested in input from anybody on the scientific facts around climate change," said Holdren, now a professor of environmental policy at Harvard.
  • China Donald Trump WSJ administration advanced manufacturing leader
    A less aggressive technology plan could address concerns raised by the Trump administration that Beijing unfairly subsidize Chinese companies and steals American intellectual property.
  • A Green New Deal Isn’t Ready for Prime Time
    3 more articles like this
    Dec 12,2018 09:42 pm by Bloomberg
    China Cortez additional measures advance american moral leadership
    Incoming freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio - Cortez has been building support for her idea of a plan to tackle the monumental challenge of climate change while also bettering the economic situation of poor Americans.
  • Kishanganj administrative building area attraction big ponds
    Highlighting the importance of solar energy, Nitish asked the college administration to dig up many big ponds on the campus and do fish cultivation in the pond and set up solar energy plants over the same ponds. ...
  • Globe editorial: With Doug Ford, Ontario is open for (monkey) business
    1 more article like this
    Dec 12,2018 09:10 pm by The Globe and Mail
    Ford Hydro Ontario Premier ally
    One of Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s favourite slogans – and Mr. Ford loves slogans as only a literal label - maker can – is "Open For Business.
  • Beijing China House Trump administration
    Trump administration officials on Wednesday signaled that Beijing will have to do more to end the tariff war, with both Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Treasury Undersecretary for International Affairs David Malpass calling on Beijing to agree...
  • Some hard truths for Western politicians on Quebec, equalization and oil
    1 more article like this
    Dec 12,2018 08:35 pm by CBC
    Alberta Energy East GDP Premier Scott Moe Quebec
    The first is that the equalization program does not funnel money from one province to another.
  • Citi Coalition Westacott action advice
    The Australia Institute’s 2018 Climate of the Nation survey of Australian attitudes on climate change showed that 67% of Australians want to end coal - fired power within the next 20 years.
  • Editing Employees Germany annual report association
    FRANKFURT, Dec 12 (Reuters) - Hard coal production from Germany's two remaining mines will amount to 2.6 million tonnes this year, down from 3.7 million in 2017, mining association GVSt estimated on Wednesday.
  • AHPs America CDC Disease Control Examiner
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says fentanyl is the deadliest drug in America. an incoming GOP congressman says (incorrectly) that vaccines may cause autism. and the House passed an $867 billion farm bill without food stamp...
  • Arab Group Barro Blanco Blanco Dam CIEL Celsius
    "Climate change already has affected the lives of so many people - the right to food because of terrible droughts, the right to live in proper ways," U.N. human rights chief Michelle Bachelet said at the talks.
  • Alexandria Ambev China Curitiba Editing
    BRASILIA, Dec 12 (Reuters) - Ambev SA, Latin America’s largest brewer, has entered a partnership to build a solar plant in Minas Gerais that will supply power to all of its distribution centers in the Brazilian state, a company executive told...
  • Art Arcade Cochin International Airport KOCHI Mohiniyattam basement
    Chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan will inaugurate the heritage domestic terminal, which was reconstructed at par with global standards by blending traditional architecture and high - tech facilities, at 4pm.