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Clean Energy
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February 2019

February 2019
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  • Martnez Prime advantage amazon employees asset manager
    The world’s biggest e - commerce company has for years resisted pressure from investors and other stakeholders to disclose more information about its environmental impact.
  • Congress Cosatu Public Investment Corp anger ante
    South African President Cyril Ramaphosa upped the ante in a showdown with his labor allies over plans to reorganize the embattled state power utility less than three months before national elections.
  • Review: 'The Uninhabitable Earth' explores climate doomsday
    Feb 20,2019 01:45 pm by Washington Times
    Holocaust Life Uninhabitable Earth Warming air
    "The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming " (Tim Duggan Books), by David - Wallace - Wells.
  • Small Groups and Individuals Are More Innovative Than Large Teams
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    Feb 20,2019 01:45 pm by Bloomberg
    Higgs Nature Newtons Wang advantage
    The problem, as Wellerstein saw it, was that these new calls for a new Manhattan Project were aimed at answering scientific questions while the original Manhattan Project was aimed at applying a new scientific idea, nuclear fission, to bombs.
  • Counter Crown Prince Custodian Defence Cooperation Deputy Prime Minister
    At the invitation of Hon’ble Prime Minister of the Republic of India Shri Narendra Modi, and under the guidance of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Deputy Prime...
  • Apollo Google Lunar XPRIZE Moon NASA Shmidt
    An Israeli start - up is set to launch to the Moon tomorrow, and if it’s successful it will become the first private mission ever to reach the lunar surface, a huge milestone in the history of lunar exploration.
  • Crew Group Fair Trade USA Madewell Saitex Vietnam
    As a result of the new partnership, both J.Crew and Madewell recently launched their first Fair Trade Certified denim collections. source Madewell What's different about how the denim is produced.
  • Crew Group Fair Trade USA Madewell Saitex Vietnam
    Both J.Crew and Madewell's first Fair Trade Certified denim collections use 75% less water, 65% fewer chemicals, and a lot less energy.
  • Michael McCormack Sky News Stokes Thunbergs action
    The New South Wales education minister, Rob Stokes, appeared on Sky News earlier this week, warning students and teachers against attending rallies planned across Australia for Friday 15 March, as part of the school climate strike movement. ...
  • California Exponent Solar Energy Kaveh Khatibloo Stillwater Dwellings addition
    By planning a comprehensive energy solution at the beginning stages of a home design, Stillwater Dwellings and Exponent Solar Energy are able to offer a seamless and efficient integration in lieu of a less effective, potentially awkward retroactive...
  • The Economic Case for the Green New Deal
    Feb 20,2019 11:51 am by Forbes
    Americans Japan World War aircraft approach
    There is no silver bullet to address climate change, but history shows us that market approaches alone are not enough - public investment and other, more direct government action are necessary to provide an effective, robust response.
  • Carbon Tracker Initiative Grant Repsol absolute production advance
    Carbon Tracker has previously warned that global demand growth for oil is set to weaken then start falling during the 2020s, and its new report, Paying with fire: How oil and gas executives are rewarded for chasing growth and why shareholders could...
  • Glencore's Thermal Coal Cap Brings End Closer for Fossil Fuel
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 11:42 am by Bloomberg
    Australia Bloomberg China Climate Action Energy Finance
    Now Glencore Plc, the largest supplier of thermal coal to the international market, is promising to cap production for the foreseeable future at around current levels of 145 million metric tons a year, David Stringer of Bloomberg News reported...
  • Eskom Johannesburg Mboweni South Africa actual support
    Eskom is saddled with 419 billion rand of debt and isn’t selling enough power to cover its interest payments and operating costs, a legacy of years of mismanagement and cost overruns on new plants.
  • EBITDA NETWORKS AND RENEWABLES Reuters Spain analyst poll
    Galan said last year he expected core earnings to rise more than 20 percent to over 9 billion euros, and net profit to climb to around 3 billion euros.
  • Belcan Bharat Forge Limited India Kalyani Group LLC
    "This collaboration allows Kalyani Group to dovetail the metallurgical and manufacturing excellence of its flagship company Bharat Forge Limited with cutting edge design and engineering capabilities of Belcan, LLC to deliver high quality products...
  • Green New Deal Won’t Enjoy a Free Lunch at the Fed
    9 more articles like this
    Feb 20,2019 10:48 am by The Wall Street Journal
    Esc Facebook Twitter action fontsize data aria label
    text=The%20Fed%20can%E2%80%99t%20make%20a%20Green%20New%20Deal%20cheaper%20without%20compromising%20its%20control%20of%20interest%20rates%20and%20thus%20inflation &url=https: //www.wsj.com/articles/green - new - deal - wont - enjoy - a - free -...
  • COAL PIPELINE SHRINKS China DELHI Desai brownfield plants
    Rajit Desai, the head of engineering, procurement and construction at major private generator Tata Power, told a forum at this week’s Coaltrans India conference that his company wasn’t looking at developing any new coal plants.
  • Canada Invests in Energy Efficiency Improvements in Hamilton
    Feb 20,2019 10:46 am by Business Insider
    ArcelorMittal CIPEC Energy Conservation Honourable Amarjeet Sohi ISO
    An award - winning partnership between the Government of Canada and Canadian industry, CIPEC advances industrial energy efficiency by promoting the uptake of energy management systems, best practices and technologies.
  • CLNE Stock Price & News - Clean Energy Fuels Corp.
    Feb 20,2019 10:33 am by The Wall Street Journal
    Float Total Outstanding Number TTM common share classes company
    Money Flow Uptick/Downtick Ratio Money flow measures the relative buying and selling pressure on a stock, based on the value of trades made on an "uptick" in price and the value of trades made on a "downtick" in price.
  • California True Geothermal acre advantage alternative energy
    Jim McIntosh (Mac), GeoGenCo's CEO and COO states," The project is identified as True Geothermal because all current geothermal projects require substantial amounts of water or steam as part of their power generation process. and are therefore,...
  • Climate Change Congress Framework Convention Justice York
    We have the Paris Accord — the world’s first comprehensive climate agreement, with 195 nation signers — because of Christiana Figueres’ fearless feminine leadership as executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.
  • Catherine McKenna Climate Action Fund Climate Change Green Building Council Minister
    " The Canada Green Building Council is pleased to be a recipient of Environment and Climate Change Canada's Climate Action Fund, which will support Canada's role as a leader in constructing zero carbon buildings or retrofitting them.
  • Delhi Saudi Arabia agriculture attack blame
    NEW DELHI: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Wednesday offered intelligence sharing and other cooperation with India in fighting extremism and terrorism, as New Delhi tackled rising tensions with Pakistan following a suicide bombing last...
  • Honeyflow Africa aims to revolutionize beekeeping
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 10:03 am by CNN
    ApiExpo Africa Honeyflow Africa Ministry Nigeria Nigerian
    The concept is gaining traction internationally, with similar projects in development in Europe and the US.Screen from the Honeyflow Africa app, showing sound data that reveals behavioral patterns of the bee colony.
  • Australian National University Grattan Institute affordable housing market age group analysis
    Wood of the Grattan Institute said she was watching for signs that the "stark polarization" of voting behavior seen in the U.K.’s last election - - with young people increasingly supporting Labour and older people backing the Conservatives - -...
  • Ramaphosa Sets Up Battle With Unions on Eskom as Election Looms
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 09:34 am by Bloomberg
    Congress Cosatu anger ante apartheid
    South African President Cyril Ramaphosa upped the ante in a showdown with his labor allies over plans to reorganize the embattled state power utility less than three months before national elections.
  • Americas Naturally access addition appearance
    View original content to download multimedia: https: //www.prnewswire.com/news - releases/clean - skincare - brand - naturally - serious - exclusive - to - sephora - launches - sustainable - packaging - with - itgetsgreener - initiative -...
  • Ben Healey Connecticut Florida Jersey Louisiana
    20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - - PosiGen, the nation's leading provider of renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions for low - to - moderate income homeowners, is proud to announce the addition of Ben Healey as its newest team member.
  • Ogilvie Regulation Services Provider Saint Jean TSX Venture Exchange access
    ("Saint Jean" or the "Company") (TSX - V: SJL) (OTCQB: TORVF) is pleased to announce the Company is ready to supply small production runs of complete anode and cathode chemistry, for high capacity and performance lithium - ion battery manufacturers.
  • Delhi India Kashmir Spain agenda
    MADRID: India and Spain discussed the recent terrorist attack in Kashmir and reviewed the security situation in the region, as external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj held talks with her Spanish counterpart Josep Borrell on issues of bilateral and...
  • Duncan Greatwood Series XEP Xage Enforcement Point additional security
    Greatwood says that while companies don’t usually get rid of tools they already have like firewalls, they may scale back their investment after buying the Xage solution.
  • Lavalin Lima Group SNC ambassador attempt
    Campbell Clark (The Globe and Mail) on former attorney - general Jody Wilson - Raybould: "But now there are many people inside the Liberal government willing to argue that there are lot of things she could say without violating any privilege.
  • Hiab Volta Power Systems ability adequate power levels auxiliary tasks
    " Whether it's no - idle in Chicago or five - minute idle on the east coast, drivers need the ability to make multiple stops and still operate their lifts while meeting regulations," said Jack Johnson, co - founder of Volta Power Systems.
  • Alberta Albertans Brodie Calgary Chamber
    When asked who they thought was best suited to manage the province's finances, 52 per cent picked the UCP and only 18 per cent chose the NDP.And when it came to strengthening Alberta's economy ?...
  • Clean Products Gary Wallace appointment award
    20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - - Clearly Clean Products, LLC today announced that it has appointed Gary D. Colby, Ph.D., as its new general counsel.
  • Tesla Replaces Top Lawyer After Two Months
    Feb 20,2019 08:39 am by Toronto Star
    Butswinkas Calif Chang Lithium Technologies Musk
    Phuong Phillips, former deputy general counsel at SolarCity, said she witnessed Mr. Chang’s style up close, as the two companies negotiated the merger in 2016.
  • NSW has to fill gap on renewables left by federal chaos
    1 more article like this
    Feb 20,2019 08:37 am by SMH.com.au
    ACT National Energy Guarantee action administration aggressive decarbonisation programs
    It will buy the generation capacity from the private sector using reverse - auctions, a scheme already used in the ACT, and also establish a state - owned power generation company.
  • In Mining, Can Bad Boys Still Be Good?
    5 more articles like this
    Feb 20,2019 08:14 am by The Wall Street Journal
    Esc Facebook Glencore Twitter action fontsize data
    text=Glencore%E2%80%99s%20dirty - now%2C%20clean - later%20strategy%20represents%20a%20test%20case%20on%20attitudes%20toward%20sustainable%20investing &url=https: //www.wsj.com/articles/in - mining - can - bad - boys - still - be - good -...
  • Alta Edmonton Entwistle Evansburg Pinnacle Renewable Energy
    Kody Richter, 27, was airlifted to Edmonton's Royal Alexandra Hospital in critical condition on Feb.
  • IMF India Indian Iran Islamabad
    It will be a delicate balancing act for Pakistan's civilian and military leaders to reconcile their dependence on Saudi money, while ensuring good neighborly relations with Iran and India.
  • Board Crius Energy District Dynegy FERC
    Although Vistra Energy and Crius Energy believe that in making any such forward - looking statement, Vistra Energy's and Crius Energy's expectations are based on reasonable assumptions, any such forward - looking statement involves uncertainties...
  • Americas Chief Executive Officer Company Montreal Semiconductors
    The forward - looking information contained in this press release is made as of the date hereof and 5N Plus undertakes no obligation to publicly update such forward - looking information to reflect new information, subsequent or otherwise, unless...
  • India Japan Market Trends Senior Manager Threats
    China is emerged as the single fastest growing market with more than 15% of share in global market and Japan, Australia, India are also the promising markets for high voltage equipment in this region.
  • Aasima Gadiwan Calgary Shahbazi Solas University
    Engineering student Aasima Gadiwan's research found that if Calgary's residential rooftops were outfitted with solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, they could provide 23 per cent of the city's yearly power demand.
  • Anhui China Daily East China Henan ZHENGZHOU
    The provincial government aims to further cut local coal consumption by 10 million tonnes this year, the provincial energy saving and pollution reduction office said Wednesday.
  • Green New Deal Won't Enjoy a Free Lunch at the Fed
    Feb 20,2019 07:27 am by Toronto Star
    Binder Congress World War alternative authority
    Risky because if inflation does take off, so will interest rates, and all that Green New Deal debt will start to snowball.
  • Green Trump Washington York Times annual rate
    President Trump says there's no "magical date" for the U.S. and China to resolve their differences on trade, a shift away from a hard March 1 deadline.
  • Eskom Mboweni aid balance sheet biggest bailout
    Eskom is saddled with 419 billion rand of debt and isn’t selling enough power to cover its interest payments and operating costs, a legacy of years of mismanagement and cost overruns on new plants.
  • Iberdrola posts record profit on renewables boost
    Feb 20,2019 07:20 am by France 24
    Iberdrola Ignacio Galan boost company demand
    Spain's electricity giant Iberdrola said Wednesday its 2018 net profit rose 7.5 percent to 3.01 billion euros, its best - ever result, thanks to a boost in its wind and hydro energy output.