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Clean Energy
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April 2019

April 2019
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  • Tesla Takes Short Seller to Court, Saying He Menaced Its Workers
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    Apr 21,2019 01:18 am by Bloomberg
    Fremont Model Musk Randeep Hothi TSLA
    In February, the company said in a court filing, a security guard on foot approached Hothi in his vehicle to ask him to leave the factory parking lot and Hothi’s car then hit the guard - - causing a minor knee injury - - before fleeing the scene.
  • ASX POW Austria Protean Energy australian companies australian developed technology
    Vanadium redox flow batteries have been the poor cousin to their booming lithium relatives but many Australian companies are hoping the Australian developed technology will out - muscle lithium in bigger energy storage projects because of it's...
  • Environment emerges as major issue for Australian voters
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    Apr 21,2019 12:06 am by Times of India
    Australians Ipsos Daniel Evans access affordable health services agencies environmental
    MELBOURNE: The environment has emerged as a major issue for Australian voters, a poll showed on Sunday, but healthcare and the cost of living are the top concerns ahead of next month's elections.
  • Blasio Chicago Macklowe Miami Park Avenue
    The developers of many supertall buildings, like 220 Central Park South, have taken advantage of city building rules that do not count space for mechanical and structural systems toward a height limit.
  • Opinion | When Did Moral Clarity Become Radical?
    Apr 20,2019 11:18 pm by The New York Times
    Cortez Ocasio Rhode Island Schneider afterthought
    There it joined a bill filed by the Democrat Max Baucus of Montana and the Republican Robert Stafford of Vermont ("For too long, those who warned about global climate change were thought of as radicals warning about the end of the world," Mr.
  • MSWM PPP ULBs award capability
    The study titled, ‘The big "W" impact: effective urban waste management solutions in India,’ conducted by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) jointly with global advisory services firm Ernst &Young (EY) suggested...
  • Asia Bangladesh EnBWs Energy Agency Frankfurt
    ‘Clean coal’ plants still lose more than half the energy content. ...
  • Abacus Data Canadas Canadians Cortez Deal
    Meanwhile, the Liberal government in Ottawa maintains Canada will meet its target under the Paris Agreement to fight climate change, which is to reduce national emissions to 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030.
  • Greens in fight of their lives to keep seats
    1 more article like this
    Apr 20,2019 05:55 pm by SMH.com.au
    Australian Conservatives Greens Labor Queensland Senator Anning
    Senator Waters said she was vying for the last Senate spot in Queensland with One Nation's Malcolm Roberts, Mr Palmer, Senator Anning, prominent same - sex marriage opponent Lyle Shelton (running for Cory Bernardi's Australian Conservatives) and...
  • Feds, BC Hydro fund $289 million transmission line expansion in Peace region
    1 more article like this
    Apr 20,2019 04:14 pm by CBC
    Chetwynd Crown Peace River Premier John Horgan area
    Federal Natural Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi says the government and BC Hydro will expand the Peace area's existing transmission infrastructure by building two parallel 230-kilovolt power lines running from the Site C dam near Fort St. John to...
  • Green energy sector jobs surpass total oil sands employment
    Apr 20,2019 03:14 pm by The Globe and Mail
    Alberta British Brown Ottawa Smith
    About $25-billion has been invested in Canada's clean - energy sector in the past five years, and employment is up 37 per cent, according to a new report from climate think tank Clean Energy Canada to be released Tuesday.
  • Cortez Ocasio Rhode Island Schneider afterthought
    There it joined a bill filed by the Democrat Max Baucus of Montana and the Republican Robert Stafford of Vermont ("For too long, those who warned about global climate change were thought of as radicals warning about the end of the world," Mr.
  • Engie Is Said to Consider Takeover of U.S. Services Firm Emcor
    2 more articles like this
    Apr 20,2019 12:23 pm by Bloomberg
    Caisse Quebec air conditioning annual report building renovating
    French energy company Engie SA is weighing a takeover of construction and facilities services firm Emcor Group Inc. as it seeks to expand in the U.S., according to people familiar with the matter.
  • Letters: For these readers, every day is Earth Day
    1 more article like this
    Apr 20,2019 11:32 am by Boston Globe
    Massachusetts Coast Guide Office advocate agency alarmist
    Probably the most impactful environmental thing I’ve done and that I continue to do is asking men — and mostly men — in pickup trucks and cars to please shut off their motors while sitting and waiting or texting.
  • Berkshire Utilities' Next Big Utility Bite
    Apr 20,2019 10:24 am by Forbes
    Berkshire Hathaway Buffett Dominion Energy activist investors afterthought
    Moreover, if Berkshire’s goal is to buy a compatible, well - run company that would really move the profit meter for its power and gas utility business, Dominion Energy would be a far more attractive target.
  • Anse Clair Labrador City Labrador Highway Labrador West Letto
    There's about 1,200km between Labrador City, in the western area of the region, and L ' Anse - au - Clair in the south.
  • ABC News Charleston South Carolina Trump Utah
    Elizabeth Warren thrust herself into the climate change debate this week, promising that if elected president, she'd sign an executive order on her first day in office to end drilling offshore and on public lands, a move that would reverse...
  • Flamini Italy Mesut Milan Ozil
    It’s not easy for many people to understand climate change or social equality, but most of the people following these athletes are the next generation, so it is our role to use our influence and to have a positive impact. ...
  • Carbon taxes are great in theory. If only they worked
    Apr 20,2019 07:14 am by The Globe and Mail
    Ball Emmanuel Macrons Leonhardt action admission
    Economists and policy wonks say carbon taxes are the most efficient way to cut greenhouse gas emissions without affecting growth.
  • Tesla to Cut Down on Board Members
    Apr 20,2019 07:09 am by The Wall Street Journal
    Buss Jurvetson SEC ability account input
    Tesla’s board has received support from shareholders over the years as the stock surged and Mr. Musk succeeded in turning the company into a major brand of electric vehicles.
  • California can’t wait another year to fix its flawed wildfire payout system
    1 more article like this
    Apr 20,2019 06:09 am by Los Angeles Times
    Brown Californians Legislature Newsom PUC
    The other two — a "bridge financing" fund to pay wildfire claims quickly and a wildfire fund that would pool capital from the state’s investor - owned utilities to pay claims — are not bad ideas at all.
  • AZCentral Phoenix Surprise additional firefighters city
    Three of the most seriously hurt firefighters were airlifted to Maricopa County Medical Center's burn unit in Phoenix while the fourth was transported to a West Valley hospital, Michael Selmer, a spokesman for the department, told AZCentral.com.
  • Big Fitch Photo Xinhua asset bloated balance sheets
    Due to the divergence in performance, Fitch expects some large wind - power operators to have already achieved positive free cash flow in 2018.
  • Alex Ingram Bardsey Britains Bueche Eagle
    Stubbings and Bueche left at the end of last year, but they have not had enough of small islands: they are now doing conservation work on Islay, in Scotland, after a spell helping seabird researchers on the Balearic island of Sa Dragonera.
  • China's power generation up 4.2% in Q1
    Apr 20,2019 03:27 am by China Daily
    China Photo Xinhua abundant water highest growth hydroelectricity
    Generation of hydroelectricity expanded 22 percent year - on - year in March, the highest growth since March 2016, due to abundant water from southern regions.
  • Amazon Prime Mozen Silverman actual emissions analysis
    Etsy’s largesse ends after tomorrow, but it will continue to offset its own carbon footprint going forward, becoming the first ecommerce company to completely offset all its emissions generated from shipping.
  • How Luxury Developers Use a Loophole to Build Soaring Towers for the Ultrarich in N.Y.
    1 more article like this
    Apr 20,2019 02:30 am by The New York Times
    Blasio Chicago Macklowe Miami Park Avenue
    The developers of many supertall buildings, like 220 Central Park South, have taken advantage of city building rules that do not count space for mechanical and structural systems toward a height limit.
  • Explosion at APS facility injures 4 firefighters
    Apr 20,2019 01:00 am by Washington Times
    Arizona Public Service Medical Department authorities evening explosion
    Four Surprise Fire - Medical Department firefighters were evaluated after the explosion.
  • A German village goes it alone on climate protection
    1 more article like this
    Apr 20,2019 12:28 am by ACTUALITÉS | DW.COM
    Diepold Garmisch Germany Grafenaschau Munich
    Climate protection manager Diepold says that most of what local councils are doing to protect the climate is totally voluntary and a lack of support from the federal and regional governments when it comes to laws and finances means they're limited...
  • Amy Klobuchar Andrew Yang Booker Eric Swalwell Frantz
    Mr. Booker vowed to "at least double" federal funding for clean - energy research, a benchmark Mr. O’Rourke’s campaign said he also supported.
  • Coachella Valley Perez San Bernardino South Coast agency
    With more time,"we are confident that projected emission reductions coupled with our strict regulations will allow us to combat ozone levels and meet federal standards under this new deadline," South Coast air district executive officer Wayne...
  • Bill Shorten GDP Labor National Energy Guarantee News Corp
    Mr Shorten attacked Mr Morrison as a " climate - denying cave - dweller " and accused media company News Corp of publishing "climate change deniers" who focused on the cost of action without taking into account the cost of climate change.
  • Costa Rica bets on ending fossil fuel use by 2050
    Apr 19,2019 08:26 pm by France 24
    AFP Cato Institute Costa Rica Electric Mobility Orlich
    " The government prudently set the 2050 date because that's what the Paris Agreement demands but I'm confident we'll manage it before then," Figueres told AFP." Once we ' ve implemented the process of electrifying transport and relaunched a more...
  • Repubblica Rome Salvini Siri Star
    News of the two episodes, which emerged on Thursday, prompted a call by Deputy Premier Luigi Di Maio, of Five Star, for Siri to quit - - and similarly a call by Salvini for Raggi to quit.
  • Alberta China Nikiforuk acid air
    Nikiforuk shows, for example, in the sickening chapter on money, that the government subsidies to the tar sands mess - largely in the area of a dirt - cheap royalties structure - would go a long way toward financing clean and renewable energy, so...
  • Shipbuilders to walk the 'smart' path
    Apr 19,2019 07:03 pm by China Daily
    Hyundai Heavy Industries LNG Ministry Samsung Heavy Industries United States
    His words came after the country received no orders for LNG carriers in 2018, even as other major shipbuilding nations like South Korea, Germany, Italy and the United States accelerated their intelligent manufacturing, self - driving and smart...
  • Artificial nests ensure bird safety, power supply
    Apr 19,2019 06:59 pm by China Daily
    Bao Yongbin National Nature Reserve Photo VCG Qinghai Yushu Tibetan
    In 2017, the organization invested 290,000 yuan to construct 16 points for birds to roost on and installing 30 artificial nests on power poles.
  • Nevada bill raising clean energy standard heads to Sisolak
    Apr 19,2019 06:55 pm by Washington Times
    Brooks Democratic Gov Senate bill clean energy standard
    (AP) - Nevada lawmakers in the state Assembly have roundly passed a bill requiring electricity companies to have 50 percent of their energy from renewable sources by 2030.
  • Alberta Bell Canadians Climate Justice Edmonton Jackson
    But as Climate Justice Edmonton gears up in response to Alberta’s new government, some environmental organizations say opposition from a political leader can actually be a boon to fundraising.
  • Americans Congress Earths Gallup bipartisan support
    In a December 2018 NBC News/Wall Street Journal question that asked people what concerned them more when thinking about the financial costs of climate change, Democrats were much more likely than Republicans to say they were more concerned that...
  • AWS Ceres Cunningham Jassy Shell
    The online shopping giant, which already works with BP and Shell, has been trying to woo more oil and gas companies to use its technology to help them find drillable oil faster, angering workers who have been pushing Amazon to do more to combat...
  • Report: New Jersey nuclear plants getting subsidy are viable
    Apr 19,2019 05:00 pm by Washington Times
    Associates Chemistry Council PSEG air apparent financial viability
    The Board of Public Utilities voted Thursday to approve subsidies for the three nuclear power plants operated by the state’s biggest utility, Public Service Enterprise Group.
  • Alaska Australia Democrats EPA Flint
    The biggest conversation - starter on climate change has been the Green New Deal — the idea of developing an electric grid that relies on 100 percent renewable energy.
  • Carbon Engineering Keith Occidentals Oldham administration
    In another kind of facility, captured carbon dioxide would be combined with hydrogen extracted from water to make synthetic fuel that can be processed into gasoline, diesel or jet fuel.
  • Letter: Time to fight climate change is now
    Apr 19,2019 02:59 pm by Chicago Tribune
    Congress GDP Innovation Act clean energy confirmation
    Submit letters to the editor via email to suburbanletters@tribpub.com.
  • Researchers suggest 100 percent renewable energy isn’t very green
    1 more article like this
    Apr 19,2019 02:58 pm by Engadget
    Apple Earthworks Grist Payal Sampat battery storage
    In order to keep global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees Celsius, we'll need to rely on renewable energy, electric vehicles (EV) and battery storage.
  • Feds, BC Hydro fund $289M transmission line expansion in Peace region
    2 more articles like this
    Apr 19,2019 02:49 pm by CTV News
    Peace River area british columbia chief officer clean energy
    Chris O ' Riley, BC Hydro's president and chief operating officer, says the gas industry is the primary driver for electricity demand in the area and the project will provide industrial users with clean energy.
  • This Is How to Save the Earth's Biodiversity
    Apr 19,2019 01:12 pm by Newsweek
    Biological Diversity Convention Earth Global Deal addition
    In 2017, an international team of scientists proposed an ambitious plan known as the "Global Deal for Nature" which aims to help ensure both that climate targets are met, while also conserving the Earth’s species.
  • Australia England Mexico NGFS Oregon
    Supervisors are encouraged to set expectations to ensure financial firms are adequately addressing the financial risks from climate change, including assessing their strategic resilience to climate change policy.
  • As suburbs roar, Pennsylvania Democrats pick top 2020 target
    Apr 19,2019 12:28 pm by Washington Times
    Delaware County Democrats Donald Trump Killion Pittsburgh
    After Democrats recently flipped six state Senate seats in the suburbs of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Killion is one of the chamber’s last Republicans standing in those areas - and target No.That’s when Pennsylvania will be a closely watched...